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    Quote Originally Posted by fireballs View Post
    Yeah a shield would be good. What would be sweet is if a neutral ship goes through the stage at random times, if someone destroyed the ship it drops some kinda random shield or power up that could be temporary.
    Well the plan right now is on each planet you can build a research station that will either give you an upgrade, or each planet you have will give you upgrade points that you can spend on upgrades for your fleet.

    Anyway stay focused! The goal here to "fail faster" any core problems I want flushed out asap!
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    Ok, I'll just write down my option settings and why I changed them. No exact science, just a feeling.

    - tankHealth 150
    - scoutHealth 70
    Scout should have definitely less than tanks, but damage should be low enough, so you can actually shoot at stuff and not insta kill everything (or get instakilled in my case)

    - tankTurningSpeed 5
    - scoutTurningSpeed 10
    couldnt play as scout? So cant say anything about scout turning speed. I think its alright to have the scout that much faster, you can still turn and shoot them

    - tankSpeed 25
    - scoutSpeed 49
    A little bit faster than default so theres some action in the game. Scout might be to fast to play as.

    - bulletSpeed 68
    Bullets should be fast enough so you can hit things without having to aim perfectly. Maybe make different values for tank and scout would be interesting. (Also make tank bullets bigger )

    - tankBulletTime 15
    - scoutBulletTime 18
    Not sure about these settings. Interesting you set it to bullet duration and not distance.
    Should be rather short, so you can see what you are shooting at / what is shooting at you

    - tankAttack 5
    - scoutAttack 2
    See point 1. Damage low enough so you have to shoot some at the enemies.

    - roomWidth 5120
    - roomHeight 5120

    - viewSize 2700
    Should be something around this to see whats going on.

    - fireDelayTank 10
    - fireDelayScout 5

    Dont know what features are all still planned. But for now a shiled / hull thing would be nice. Also I like how the scouts fly at max speed all the time. Can you make the tank fly at a constant slow speed as well and when you press forward it flies faster? Then the AI wouldnt be camping tanks at each other indefinitely.
    Oh, and make a ship limit per player and the spawn rate slower. In about 60 seconds there'S 30 tanks looking at each other and dont seem to be hitting each other. Then I fly into bullet hell and get killed. (-> see point about high health low damage)

    Thats my suggestions.
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    Great feedback!

    Definitely got some good stuff to work on this week, if it's okay with you lot I'd love to do more rounds of play testing pretty often. You don't have to participate every one but as long as it's okay with you guys I'll send the play test to you guys every time I have one.

    Also yeah AI work is a for sure, the scouts are suicidal and the tanks are cowards. Also next play test will have ability to tweak spawn rate, scout/tank ratio, and population cap.

    Keep the feed back rolling though! The more I get and the sooner I get it the better!

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    Sorry my QA report is taking so long. Got a three month old baby in the house. Will provide feedback as soon as I can. Thanks for all your work developing for the OUYA!

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    Okay got a nice load of things planned before next play test. Along with implementing a lot of the balancing stuff you guys suggested, each planet will produce research points. Which can be spent to upgrade things like Attack, fire rate, armor, ect. The basics. Along with that you'll be able to unlock mods with your research points, like
    repair bots, missile turrets, auto guns,emp charges, shield generator, assault armor, ect. They'll have draw backs/perks each. Also they'll increase the cost by a percentage, so you'll see less modded ships spawn compared to normal ones. You can also toggle them on/off, so you can make mostly fodder guys and then throw in a few champs if you want, or just give each ship one mod. It'll take me a bit to get this finished up but this will be the bulk of the RTS part.

    Anyway thanks for feedback so far! Helping a lot!

    Oh and what would you think of a co-op mode where one would be the commander as the bigger assault ship and then the other player would be a scout and control like a twin stick shooter?


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