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    Fallen Heroes - Phdgaming

    Background: When Developer Jam contest was originally announced, it only excluded kickstarter funded and released games. Which was perfect as I had a real-time strategy/tower defense hybrid in the works and began to port it across to the console (including having some artwork redone to accommodate the HD scale). Then on January 14th, the official rules were posted that explicitly banned any game in development prior to January 7th (even if internal and unreleased). I'm a stickler for the rules so I quickly shifted gears despite the road bump and new shorter development cycle.

    Limitations: Due to having to finalize a script, hire voice actors, determine how it would actually play, and get assets created (again a new concept), development time suffered. We have the entire script for the game recorded and about ~75% of the final artwork assets completed, but there simply wasn't enough time to implement it all. Even the highlight (the 2nd player which is a dragon companion) never fully made it in as I couldn't resolve an issue where the 2nd player controller would report itself as player 1 for stick movements only despite having a different deviceID (likely something dumb on my part but not enough time to debug it). As such, truly nothing more than a very rough demo at this point.

    Future: The game is scoped for around 4-5 hours of gameplay as the overall plot is divided into chapters. Future releases would build upon this world's story. Gameplay itself is most similar to Secret of Mana in that you can have two simultaneous players who fight and solve puzzles together. Aiming to have a polished title in time for the Ouya console launch. Regardless of how disappointed I am in myself for not being able to do more, the progress from the challenge has been a big help in getting things going quickly, which should end up leaving a ton of time for bug fixing, play balancing, and lots of tuning.

    Good luck to everyone developing for Ouya! For updates on my title, feel free to bookmark (website will be created in a week or two). I'll also update with other ways to follow as most of the effort has been in creating the game over promotion (even my youtube video was a last minute one-take recording). Thanks!

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    Updated trailer!

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    Will it be available for the March 28 release?

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    this game looks cool. anyone have anything to say about it?

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    Re: Fallen Heroes - Phdgaming

    Edit: never mind I see it's on the list. I've just never seen it. Guess I'll have to do a search tomorrow and try it out.
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    still want an update

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    I like the art. Looks soft. I like the shadows on the characters too. Very detailed.

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    Figured I'd do a quick update as TheUndefeatedGaul requested one. Exclusive as having done promotional work in some time! So, after the OUYA launched, I realized two things:

    1. My gameplay sucked. It was shallow and needed to be reworked.

    2. There was much yet to done on the graphics to increase the overall appeal.

    Combined with my day job and that OUYA didn't sell like hot cakes to take over all my focus (ie. slow but steady work on my gaming project rather than continued sprinting), things dragged on. But it is nearing completion and will be out in the next several weeks. Attached are two pictures:

    1. An in-progress update of the look of the game. More work on the ground textures is planned yet.

    2. A look and preview at the hero from the 2nd chapter of the story called Fallen Heroes: Magdalla's Tale.

    Enjoy! (Note: Uploaded these photos and the quality seems to have taken a hit along with the size. Will try to edit in better resolution versions later when I have time).


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