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    Need a few sprites

    I'm currently working on a side project which will be a multiplayer top down shooter/rts called "Power Grid - Control and conquer". The player be a little tank working with AI against either just AI or the other player can be on the other team, or you can work together.

    Just about everything can be changed in the menu, base health,base damage, resource generation, unit speed, ect. Everything you can think of can be changed.

    Here's a little AI test

    The blue and red team collect the control nodes which increase resource production, which leads to more tanks.

    The player can choose to be either the smaller (scout) which by default will be weaker but faster, it also will control like a twin stick shooter.

    Or the tank, which will be stronger and slower but can only fire the way it's facing and move forward/backward.

    So I'll just need one good sprite for the scout/tank (one in each color scheme, a firing animation would also be awesome), a nice background for the levels, a base like building, and spawn/death animations (just one would be fine as I can scale to size).

    Menu/loading/title screen would be awesome if you want to do it. Also going to replace the static white squares with something that glows, so if you want to make someting like that it'd be appreciated.

    Aside from the art the game is nearing completion as I've progressed since this little demo, I'd be more then happy to take any input/suggestions. Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any questions!

    Oh and for style I want the tanks to have a similar design to the tech demo, but more detailed, higher res, ect. Very sci fi with kind of gray/silver theme.

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    you have always been a pretty cool guy

    i hope this helps!

    or for a more direct search!
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    already looked at both those, nothing I can use. Thank you though

    Actually made a forum post on open game art. No luck.

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    You could try this:
    "For a time I consider sparing your retched little planet. Now witness it's dismemberment!"- Unicron


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