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Thread: Airborne Dynamo

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    Airborne Dynamo


    We just wanted to drop in here to get the word out about the game we are developing, Airborne Dynamo. First off, there are really two completely separate games at this point in time, Airborne Dynamo prime, and Airborne Dynamo Multiplayer. We began work on the Multiplayer version for the Ouya Create game jam, and while it shares some of the same aesthetics of the prime title, it's a completely new effort to satisfy the rules of the competition.

    Airborne Dynamo Prime

    When we were in college (2003-2005), my partner and I developed a final project titled 'Balls to the Wall'. It was basically a ball game where you had to navigate through a level by changing your ball properties. There was a Steel ball which would sink in water and break walls, an Air ball which would float on water and was really light weight, and a water ball which would dissolve in water, but could pass through grates in the level. The puzzles involved using a 'Molecule Manipulator' to change your ball state to successfully navigate through the level. Since then other ball games such as Switchball have done similar things, but the one thing we always felt was missing was a connection between the player, and this abstract object.

    When the Ouya was announced, we decided to make a spiritual successor to 'Balls to the Wall'. We will give it a theme (Steampunkesque, because we are fans of the genre), give it a storyline, and give it personality. The core gameplay remains very similar to our original game, but we wrap it up and give it a little extra polish.


    A band of privateers named The Airborne travel from port to port, liberating precious resources from a tyrannical government. They have developed a machine simply called, "Dynamo" to assist in their raids. You are the operator, tasked with the duty of remote controlling the Dynamo through the ports to disable defenses, gather intelligence, and cause general mayhem. Of course the local magistrate has become wary to the efforts of the pirates, so they have installed defenses designed to inhibit your progress. A healthy mix of cunning and reflexes will allow you to complete your objectives.

    Target Audience

    Single Player
    Made with Unity
    Targeting the Ouya as a primary platform, though we may decide to release on the PC/Mac/Linux/Web etc
    General Audience. No blood, gore, killing, adult themes, language etc...

    Concept Art

    Leather Dynamo : The Leather Dynamo is the most basic form of Dynamo. It is lightweight, versatile, and bouncy. Capable of travelling through pneumatic tubes.

    Metal Dynamo : The Metal Dynamo is heavier than the Leather Dynamo, but much stronger, and not as flammable. It possesses electromagnetic properties allowing it to levitate small objects.

    Glass Dynamo : Extremely fragile form of Dynamo. The Glass Dynamo is able to bend light.

    Molecule Manipulator : Concocted by Tesla himself, the Molecule Manipulator is capable of transforming the physical properties of the Dynamo when activated.

    Airstream Generator : Extremely sophisticated airflow control system, used to cool the hottest of boilers.

    Pneumatic Transporter : The Pneumatic Transporter is a fantastic way of travelling very quickly.

    Whole Matter Teleporter : If the Pneumatic Transporter can't take you to where you need to go, the Whole Matter Teleporter will surely do the trick. Travel in luxury and style. Reassembly not guaranteed.

    Ordnance Propulsion System : The preferred mode of deliver for Dynamos... and cannonballs.

    Gas Combustor : Caution: May be warm to the touch.

    Shortwave Actuator : Or simply, a wireless switch. To what you may ask? Press it and find out.

    Sophisticated Access Checkpoint : When you absolutely must keep your enemies out. Or your friends in.

    Thermodynamic Elevator : The most efficient way to travel vertically. Mr Goldberg would be proud.

    Phosphoric Irradiator : Do not stare directly at the laser. Do not taunt the laser. Accept no substitutes.

    Intangible Directive Device : Something goes here. It's like a puzzle, only painfully obvious.

    * Street View : Not a lot going on here, but it does look pretty!

    Airborne Dynamo Multiplayer

    This is something we came up with specifically for the Ouya Create game jam. On January 7th we learned about the jam, and the rules stated that entries must not have been released prior to the jam. Originally, we satisfied that rule because Airborne Dynamo Prime was still in very rough alpha / concept stages at that point. Since then the rules have been modified. To stay in the spirit of a Game Jam, all content must be new. This means having to create all new assets for our game. So far, we have reused a couple of things as placeholder, but in general, the only thing that our Create Game Jam shares with Airborne Dynamo prime is the namesake (And some visual aesthetics.. although we intend on changing those as well.. better safe than sorry).

    Airborne Dynamo Multiplayer will not have a storyline like the Prime, but rather focus on a King of the Hill style multiplayer arena where you choose a skill set before the game begins and are able to action these skills on a cooldown. As you collect points, you are allowed to level up individual skills through a Moba style progression. The first player to reach a point threshold will be crowned the winner.

    * skills as defined here may change depending on factors such as balance, and technical limitation

    Dash -
    - Rank 1 - Dash quickly in the direction you are facing
    - Rank 2 - Reduce the recoil on yourself while performing Dash
    - Rank 3 - Reduce the cooldown for performing Dash

    Shock -
    - Rank 1 - Emit an AoE shock wave to push other Dynamos away
    - Rank 2 - Increase AoE range of the shock wave
    - Rank 3 - Reduce the cooldown of the shock wave

    Sentry -
    - Rank 1 - Drop an autonomous sentry that spins, knocking away anyone who collides with it
    - Rank 2 - Extends the duration of the sentry
    - Rank 3 - Able to drop 2 sentries simultaneously


    Jump -
    - Rank 1 - Give the Dynamo a small jumping ability
    - Rank 2 - Able to jump higher and gives more air control
    - Rank 3 - When landing a shockwave inflicts a slight stun to nearby Dynamos

    Fly -
    - Rank 1 - Able to control and slow your descent
    - Rank 2 - Generates lift, able to fly upward
    - Rank 3 - Gives you better control to change directions while flying

    Phase -
    - Rank 1 - Disappear temporarily
    - Rank 2 - Remove collision with other Dynamos while phased out
    - Rank 3 - Phasing in delivers a slight stun to other Dynamos


    Wealth -
    - Rank 1 - Increased auto coin/sec
    - Rank 2 - Increased auto coin/sec
    - Rank 3 - Increased auto coin/sec

    Density -
    - Rank 1 - Increased mass
    - Rank 2 - Increased mass
    - Rank 3 - Increased mass

    Speed -
    - Rank 1 - Increased speed
    - Rank 2 - Increased speed
    - Rank 3 - Increased speed

    Concept Art

    Prototype Level : Created specifically for a symmetrical Moba arena.

    Multiplayer Testing : Video created on day 3 of the Ouya Create game jam. Demonstrating our networked multiplayer. *note some assets from Airborne Dynamo Prime exist in the prototype. We are working on new assets!

    In Conclusion

    Well that about wraps up our announcement thread. If you have any questions or comments, please comment here or..

    On behalf of Litteratus, Sincerely, thank you!

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    After tweaking physics and camera settings, as well as a bunch of behind-the-scenes work, I put together a short update video.

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    The video reminds me of Marble Madness. Tumbs up.


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