View Full Version : Ouya Homecomputer (idea)

09-21-2013, 12:40 PM
Well I have no hardware-case-modding-experience, but what I would like to see someone else accomplish is to build an Ouya Homecomputer :) basically an Ouya inside a keyboard case, just like in the good old days. Because in my opinion, the Ouya has a certain homecomputer charm, as it has so many games from "bedroom coders", and having a homecomputerized Ouya would also mean that it would be a lot easier to use apps that need keyboard input, e.g. the browser, or Youtube or whatever ;)
Of course it might still not be possible to develop directly on the Ouya (which is the only difference to the homecomputer days), but who knows what is yet to come ;)

Anyway, here's a Raspberry Pi inside a keyboard case. I think it's pretty cool. Something like that, maybe a bit smaller, would be the perfect living room entertainment station :)

As you can see, that guy used an USB hub to increase the connection possibilities. That way, one could also connect a mouse and a USB stick directly to that machine. Of course, another cool thing would be to (additionally) put an internal storage into the keyboard case, whether a real 2.5 disk or simply a big enough USB stick.