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07-25-2013, 11:10 PM
Q: Whats the best combo as far as speed and performance goes fastest USB vs SD Card with USB adapter?

A: I did my own research and found that using my USB 2.0 card reader USB hub for both USB and SD cards I got these results:

My 16GB Patriot USB 2.0 Averaged R: 27 MB/s W: 13.5 MB/s R+W: 8.5 MB/s This seemed to be an average on most of my newer USBs and about an extra 4-6 MB/s R, W, R+W on my portable hard drives.

As for my SD Cards the fasted cards I could test were my SanDisk Extreme Pro rated for 45 MB/s which got R: 18.5 MB/s W: 18MB/s R+W 8.5 MB/s, and the other was a fairly new ScanDisk Ultra 64BG 30MB/s R: 18 MB/s Didn't test write/R+W because I had files on it and software deletes file to run test. All was tested on 512KB Block Size.

Lastly I Tested A USB 3.0 on 2.0 Port:
Patriot Memory Rage 64GB USB 3.0 rated for R: 180MB/s W: 50MB/s and on USB 2.0 Port I'm Averaging R: 27MB/s W: 24MB/s R+W: 12.5MB/s All @512KB Block Size MAX R,W = 32MB/s W+R = 16MB/s Hope this is useful to someone! I tested because I plan to use it as virtual RAM+Storage. I will run test on Ouya as well once I set it up.

Conclusion: USB is for the most part faster and USB 3.0 will max Read/Write Capabilities.

Another idea to test would be Sata III SSD via USB 3.0 on USB 2.0 Port and if it proves to be worth it then I'll buy a mSata SSD and Mod it into/onto my Case. I believe USB 2.0+SSD was a little better the USB Drives but I forgot to jot down speeds! -_-

07-26-2013, 03:39 PM
Thanks for the info! I'll be sure to use USB 2.0 storage.

Off Topic:
Did you ever get the memory hack to work? I got stuck at the part where I'm supposed to install SuperUser.

07-27-2013, 05:11 AM