View Full Version : XBOX360 controller keyboard?

02-04-2013, 12:35 PM
Has anybody tried using the keyboard extension for the 360 controller? This is the most important part of the 360 controller. I even think that there should be a keyboard build in to all the OUYA controllers, so that the developers can presume that there is a keyboard present. This would make online games like mmos and even fps cleaner, easier to communicate and more alternatives for the developers. This might not be what everybody wants, or even a majority, so it will probably never happen. But I really think it should be an alternative for the OUYA controller.
Anyways, If this does work I would have to buy another 360 controller for when the OUYA comes. If this does not work, has anybody had any experience working with the keyboard for another platform than the 360? I would love to implement this into my game to give my players a better experience.

Anyhow, peace out.

02-05-2013, 10:57 AM
You mean the Xbox360 Chatpad? My understanding is that custom drivers had to be written for the pc because Microsoft wouldn't officially support it. Even then, it only supports the wired controller. I don't know if anyone has made drivers for it on android. I had long lost hope for using it wirelessly on the pc but hopefully someone will make it a reality on the Ouya.