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  1. Blue Sky thread: Your ideas for OUYA's future
  2. Your Dream OUYA UI
  3. Ouya Suggestion
  4. Instructions
  5. Discover: Wish-List & Shopping Cart.
  6. Undownloaded Games List
  7. [Moved] More Console-ness
  8. Marketplace TOS concerns
  9. Currency (paypal)
  10. [Discover/Store] Layout ideas
  11. OUYA listens to suggestions...
  12. How about some pre-installed games?
  13. Bitcoins.
  14. 'Core' games and the OUYA (my thoughts)
  15. Double-click for permanent block caps
  16. My ideas and feedback for the Next OUYA :)
  17. Release dates in OUYA.tv
  18. Play Store Rankings
  19. Change the damn Cursor!
  20. OUYA Avatar Concepts.
  21. Personal game stats
  22. 3D Game Support
  23. OUYA branded devices etc.
  24. Making Ouya More Personal
  25. Gameloft games & Free2Play FPS games ...
  26. Change-log on actual console (!)
  27. Another Update!?!?! My wife is gonna smash my Ouya!
  28. Custom mouse cursors
  29. Let's talk OUYA 2. What would you like to see?
  30. [OUYA 2] Voice Chat Integration
  31. Transaction history on ouya.tv website
  32. OUYA on QVC/HSN?
  33. Pro OUYA Controller.
  34. Achievements for games as a whole
  35. OUYA Projector
  36. Petition: BRING WORMS TO OUYA!
  37. I want folders
  38. Some Type of DRM Indicator.
  39. Some kind of social aspect...
  40. Easy faceplate removal idea
  41. Hello ouya community and developers
  42. What do I need to do
  43. Controller remapping app
  44. Start/Select and Power button
  45. Passport - a suggestion for portability
  46. Why I think that the OUYA 2 should use the Nvidia K1 SoC (Video Inside)
  47. 2014 Goals for the OUYA Community
  48. More users
  49. Some ideas for OUYA developers for the OUYA1
  50. Discount option - buy OUYA without controller?
  51. Screenshot search and more ways to discover games from within the console.
  52. "Download To Ouya" from Ouya.tv option to ext storage
  53. Who would like OUYA to have a gamertag? [POLL]
  54. OUYA trackball idea...
  55. extra category for alpha/beta games?
  56. Ouya Portable
  57. A suggestion to OUYA regarding Developer Publishing
  58. Subscription based service
  59. Could this work for minecraft on the Ouya?
  60. Remove the always online DRM from every single game
  61. Ya know what would be cool?
  62. Game idea
  63. Reboot ouya from controler
  64. Did anyone else mention having a trending now or news area on the console itself?
  65. Any idea if gameloft is coming into scene. Also pushing the tegra 3 anyone?
  66. Ouya should allow devs to link their Kickstarter campaigns to their app
  67. New sugestion - Ouya Stick
  68. Wired Ouya controller?
  69. Premium pricing (Lite/Full price on same page)
  70. Selective Overscan as a native system option.
  71. Discover Needs a Facelift!
  72. LB & RB on the Game Information Screen
  73. Premium Alert System
  74. I want a car adapter!
  75. Suggestion for ouya(software)
  76. Anaglyph Mode PLEASE!
  77. Seperate Your Future Updates. (Don't install latest update if ROOTED!!!!!)
  78. Consoles sold separately
  79. Analog Or Digital Thumbsticks?
  80. Changning the Home button symbol from a U to an S?
  81. Download Bar Alternative.
  82. Discover Needs to Enforce Accurate Representation
  83. OUYA 2 - What I Would like to see from OUYA on their second generation
  84. Prevent USB drives from sleeping (until other storage issues are improved)
  85. My view on the Ouya Menu Backgrounds
  86. Technical mode sub-menu button for ouya apps.
  87. Sort Discover by developer team size
  88. Customized browser data for analytics.
  89. Movie Services
  90. Stealing a Old Idea
  91. OUYA Inc. PICK ONE! Multiple Profiles or Save Files!!!!!!! [Rage Rant]
  92. Ouya media remote
  93. a few recommendations
  94. About that Developing Developers Initiative...
  95. Let's get a Ouya concepts/designs thread going!
  96. Gifting system
  97. Developers Able To Generate Redeem Codes Themselves.
  98. Being able to search by developer
  99. Push to Ouya External Storage
  100. comment section
  101. Would Ouya / Ouya games benefit from a '# of downloads' info stat?
  102. Ouya needs some thing like google play games
  103. Some type of space indicator.
  104. Music/Rhythm/Funky Lyrics Genre.
  105. improved search
  106. Ability to Loan a Game to a Friend for a Short Period
  107. Localization of the game description
  108. Ouya category that really needs to exist - TRUE FREE GAMES SECTION
  109. OUYA EVERYWHERE IDEA - Put it as a APP for PC, MAC and LINUX and other systems
  110. Some merchandise suggestions
  111. Animated Game Icons
  112. A playlist that highlights quality games players may have missed.
  113. Shorter distance between updates
  114. A Backup Plan is SERIOUSLY Needed
  115. I think when rating you should also be able to leave feedback
  116. Making the external storage check optional
  117. Android Lollipop Support
  118. The Ouya Website
  119. poll regarding developer payments
  120. Noobproof cleaning cache function/shortcut
  121. Make it easier to rate games
  122. Gamma Adjustment
  123. OUYA forum on OUYA browser
  124. Touchpad on OUYA controller / PS3 controller issues
  125. A way to add links to the OUYA Menu Overlay
  126. what add-on ideas for the ouya do YOU have?
  127. Dismiss / Remove Old Crash Reports OR Show Changes In Numbers
  128. A Way to Access Sales Numbers via API
  129. Controller Pairing Screen Timer.
  130. Buying aftermarket parts and bluetooth package from Ouya direct suggestion
  131. Touch Pad- Should it go
  132. OUYA should partner with Edx or Coursera for an Android Dev Class.
  133. Should "Our Founders" Be Removed?
  134. Remote Game Feedback.
  135. [razer & ouya || razer?]
  136. Ouya Homepass app?
  137. THE "idearuh" concerning nostalgia controllers!
  138. Move forward?! Lollipop? Something?