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  1. OUYA Controller Details
  2. Which file system to use for an external hard drive?
  3. New OUYA Console Every Year...
  4. Ouya power requirements and connector?
  5. XBMC Remote
  6. Ouya Peripherals
  7. Just need some clarification on media playback
  8. Input Lag: Has it been resolved?
  9. HDMI to Component cable
  10. OUYA Dev Console Controllers don't pair with production consoles?
  11. External Storage Capacity
  12. Why such small storage for a device emphasizing games?
  13. Ouya, home networks and file transfers
  14. Using an android/iOS device as a controller?
  15. 3D Mark result
  16. The unseen limited edition
  17. Local Multiplayer
  18. Background downloading might be correlated to severe input lag
  19. What currency is the Ouya store billing people in?
  20. Ouya Controller - Concerns
  21. OUYA HW & SW/UI Issues - Post Them Here
  22. More OUYA Controller Issues - pointed out by Joystiq
  23. Custom Gamepads
  24. Limited Edition OUYAs arent getting engraved with angel list...
  25. Anyone know if USB pads would be usable?
  26. External storage device
  27. Controller issues?
  28. Will ouya work with a non HDTV using an adapter?
  29. Hardware: Audio solution for Video-only displays
  30. FCC E-filing for the OUYA - Lots of Great Photos
  31. Network Port - Is it 10/100Mbps or 100/100/1000Mbps (gigabit)?
  32. Technical questions about OUYA
  33. Controller Not Pairing
  34. USB memory stick not reading
  35. OUYA internal hardware
  36. Can the OUYA be powered using USB out of the box?
  37. When or Will i Be Able to Use my External 500gb Harddrive Via USB ?
  38. Strange problem with USB Debugging
  39. How to power off Ouya?
  40. Ouya and a 1080i CRT TV
  41. OUYA Controller accuracy problems
  42. Ouya browser and form fields
  43. Controller... woin't even turn on.
  44. controller lag/latancy
  45. Controller won't work!
  46. Controller Issue w/ left battery cover
  47. No sound from Ouya + Asus VH236H. Help!
  48. any hope for 1080i?
  49. Ouya boots to black
  50. How do you unpair controllers?
  51. Username problem
  52. Controller Button's stick?
  53. Overscan Problems (Resolution needs a resize option)
  54. External Hard Drive Not Playing Nice
  55. Is it possible to have more control on Video outputs?
  56. How do i make USB stick writable(not read only)
  57. Controllers that work with the OUYA
  58. flash drive/thumb drive help
  59. Problem Transferring roms!!! Please help!!!
  60. Having trouble with USB, could use some help/advice
  61. Wireless Latency
  62. ADK Install - Incomplete Downloads & Download Folder
  63. Screen Dimensions
  64. Got my ouya have a few questions
  65. Overheating
  66. Game play is terribly slow!
  67. Ouya usb issue
  68. Peer Certificate Error
  69. Does the OUYA require HDCP?
  70. [Q] manually flash OTA update zip?
  71. Download issues?
  72. OUYA Games are off center on my TV - Any ideas?
  73. Old vs. New OUYA Controller Analog Stick Plotting Graphs
  74. installing adobe flash
  75. Update 1.0.248 problems
  76. ftp or smb server apps
  77. OUYA Not Reading Trigger Presses
  78. Will the OUYA controller's plates ever become a real 'thing'?
  79. Any way to use an Ouya controller on a PC?
  80. Ouya issue "Type password to decrypt storage"
  81. Help Please - Controller wont pair.
  82. German keyboard layout
  83. Bad wifi signal?
  84. Installing OUYA drivers
  85. OUYA stuck in APX/NVFlash
  86. Triggers get jammed against each other with extra pressure (new updated controller)
  87. New OUYA Update Solves the Overheating Issue
  88. 1st time log in issue
  89. Ouya problems
  90. OUYA Controller Battery Life is Awesome - But why not rechargable pack?
  91. Stuck downloading system update
  92. Keyboard Issue?
  93. Is there a way to delete downloaded Software
  94. Apple Magic Mouse as BT input mouse?
  95. Controller Issue - Different Issue!
  96. Live streams through XBMC and other apps
  97. Logitech Harmony Universal Remote
  98. DNS change on OUYA
  99. List of Bluetooth compatible mouse and keyboard
  100. Unable to "Sign in with OUYA"
  101. Can I delete retail games, re-download and not have to re-buy them?
  102. Do you power off your Ouya?
  103. How to connect my Ouya to my monitor using Hdmi to usb?
  104. Defective Sound
  105. So now after several firmware updates, I'm having Controller issues
  106. how to get an apk
  107. Great Artical- XBMC hardware/software explained
  108. Groovy Thumbsticks
  109. OUYA Netflix Error (13100)
  110. Controllers
  111. Concerned about OUYA not having spares
  112. Recording an Ouya for a lets play?
  113. Still waiting..
  114. Ouya Shutting Down Unexpectedly
  115. I noticed something with the controller tonight.
  116. DO NOT rename your ouya controllers!
  117. this is probly a stupid question but i need to ask
  118. Did anybody else receive a Standard Edition OUYA instead of the Limited Edition?
  119. Controller directional controls get "sticky"
  120. Wifi won't turn on
  121. paid app not working
  122. Ouya pre-order
  123. Don't use the analogue stick without the faceplate fitted!
  124. Absolutely no response from OUYA support
  125. APKs loading with SuperGNES instead of installer
  126. Left stick stopped working
  127. Automatic shutdown/standby mode??
  128. Browser issues
  129. Payment info screen blacks out
  130. Download Problems and Poor Internet Connectivity
  131. Overscan Issues?
  132. D-pad issues
  133. How do I setup controllers for mupen64plus.
  134. Cant save games on emulators
  135. xbmc video stutter after new update
  136. Overlooked Controller Flaw?
  137. Pre-ordering problem
  138. Cannot play specific game on SuperGnes or Snes 9x. Help?
  139. After a year of waiting, console was stolen
  140. The dpad is not good enough.
  141. Moderate Screen Flicker
  142. Scam mail or official?
  143. 2nd controller PS3 - THIS IS NOT SYNC RELATED
  144. 2 USB Drives via USB-Hub - Only 1 accessible
  145. How can I delete from my downloads?
  146. My ouya not turn on.
  147. Set Ouya to 1080p 50Hz? Possible?
  148. To wait... or email again?
  149. Airplay > XBMC on Ouya
  150. Controllers only pair to position / slot 2 and 3?
  151. Console stuck at boot animation
  152. USB Retro controllers wont map as seperate devices.
  153. One Controller's Analogue Rarely Recognized
  154. Shutdown issue?
  155. Using corded PS3 controllers
  156. Can the Ouya support up to (or more) 64gb SDHC cards via a USB reader?
  157. Usb thumb drive supported for additional files at least
  158. Javax.net error No Peers Certificate, can login to my accout in ouya
  159. Using USB Controller Adapters with Ouya
  160. Conection problem
  161. Controller often not connecting to the Ouya after idling
  162. Got my Ouya - but with problems :(
  163. RMA'd Controller Question
  164. Connecting other bluetooth controllers to Ouya? (MOGA, GreenThrottle)
  165. Anyones Ouya turn on everytime you turn on the TV?
  166. Controller D-Pad issues
  167. OUYA storage options 8/16/32/64gb?
  168. UK retail box does not include a mini usb cable...?
  169. external hard drives - no support?
  170. Black Screen on Launch
  171. How do i navigate to the root directory?
  172. Registering username problems
  173. Stuck in Software update and firewall issues?
  174. Registering New Account - Wi-Fi Problem Hell
  175. Ouya without Credit Card
  176. Virtual Keyboard
  177. Emulation,some clarification please
  178. Stupid Question / Do game downloads continue while the console is asleep.
  179. Possible phising e-mail in name of OUYA received
  180. Ouya wont read usb
  181. Out of space?
  182. Full Factory Reset Just To Update?!?!
  183. Downloading Progress Issues?
  184. Funding the fun? also swat issue
  185. Any chance of a list of working external hard drives?
  186. Xbox 360 controller order
  187. Transfer Ouya games to USB?
  188. Mount network share at boot
  189. Contact Ouya About Space Issues
  190. Worst Overscan Ive ever seen
  191. how to get OUYA to sleep
  192. Ouya fan extremely loud?
  193. Who's piping the HDMI thru a 5.1 receiver? Are U Getting rear audio?
  194. Controller Bluetooth Lag vs. Distance From Console
  195. Why does the Ouya have such a problem running android apps?
  196. mame4droid reloaded - how to configure additional controllers?
  197. Controls not work in certain games?
  198. Controller problem
  199. Is my Ouya already dead?.
  200. Ouya Power cable?
  201. Download queue list?
  202. Controller issues- mostly lag
  203. Bluetooth Headphone delayed audio output (lag)
  204. Is My OUYA Faulty?
  205. Wired Xbox 360 pad on Ouya.
  206. Controller Lagg
  207. 2 Problems with 2 emulators.
  208. Dropox working on Ouya?
  209. 'Make' option no longer working.
  210. ouya controller for ps3?
  211. Can't get USB to work...no matter what format
  212. Faulty Ouya. Black screen with no sound.
  213. Port Forwarding
  214. OUYA wi-fi problem
  215. Double pressing home button won't exit
  216. AC3 Audio - Any workarounds?
  217. PLEASE HELP ME load roms and play !
  218. ePsxe (PS3 Controller) & Start Button Issue
  219. Can I use more than 1 PS3 controller on Ouya?
  220. Keyboard & Mouse (Taking Controller Spots)
  221. Bad Ouya Controllers?
  222. USB issues. Post your information on them
  223. How to switch from 1080p to 720p?
  224. LIST: Controllers That Work With OUYA
  225. Re-downloads (?)
  226. Overscan issue
  227. How is your fpse performance?
  228. Webcams
  229. ADB won't recognize ouya on MACI
  230. Issues with the USB jack
  231. USB drive question
  232. please help
  233. HELP - XBMC and Wireless Time Capsule Harddrive
  234. [OuyaFrance]How to have Ouya Console in France
  235. When will I receive my OUYA?
  236. Download folder missing
  237. OUYA store down for everyone?
  238. where is playstation emulaor start button on ouya controller ???
  239. can't use PS3 controllers with emulators?
  240. External HD file system with read/write access besides FAT32?
  241. A Couple Quick Emulation Snags
  242. Audio Dropouts
  243. Can't download or Update Games/Apps anymore
  244. Cancelled Preorder?!
  245. Powering off the console?
  246. 360 Batarang Controller
  247. Ni-Cd or Ni-Mh rechargeable batteries?
  248. Ouya Overheating :?
  249. HELP! Can't figure out how to get the emulator roms to load
  250. Update in queue (?)