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  1. Will most Android Apps be compatible with OUYA?
  2. The SDK
  3. Game/App Approval Process on OUYA?
  4. 3rd party controllers/ Makey-Makey
  5. wireless sensors/weather stations
  6. Game Engines and Dev Tools
  7. Any Developers Looking For A Music/Sound Composer/Designer? I can help!
  8. Audio/Video creation software
  9. how do I get a dev ouya early?
  10. Any of you Devs doing this for Fun and for Free?
  11. c# and code for android here:
  12. Game Design School - Please feel free to comment what you think is the best
  13. Best programming language for Android/gaming?
  14. How to get started with developing?
  15. Subsystem for Soft-Reboot Live Launcher that Doesn't Circumvent the Store
  16. No Dev Kit - Would developing for the latest version of Android Suffice?
  17. Programming Question
  18. "Coming to Ouya" badge for your site
  19. Unity
  20. Composer For Ouya Projects
  21. Simultaneous online multiplayer game play?
  22. Torque 3d Engine
  23. OUYA Touch Pad
  24. [QUESTION] Game Development Library
  25. Need input for a game
  26. Insight on how OUYA Developer Redemption Codes will Work
  27. Development Language
  28. Opifex Creates a New Engine with OUYA in mind!
  29. Is it really this simple to move a game from Android to OUYA?
  30. Flight Combat Simulation on Ouya?
  31. Will there only be two ways to develop?
  32. Concept for Emulator Front End on OUYA
  33. Training course on KS could be a starting place for beginners to learn to write apps!
  34. OUYA exclusives?
  35. Game Developers Who Missed out on OUYA Kickstarter Can get A Kit!
  36. Controller Buttons Image Pack?
  37. OUYA Games and Pricing
  38. How to get started developing on the Ouya NOW!
  39. Ouya, HTML5 and online only games?
  40. Android Noob.
  41. OUYA Developers software
  42. Just ordered my dev kit....sweet
  43. The OUYA Dev Kit Giveaway - 10 Kits in 10 Days - Who Entered?
  44. Development Resources
  45. Controller Button Icons
  46. Gorgeous Guardians: Kiken - OUYA Launch Exclusive
  47. Need Answers
  48. How do you intend to bring up a "Pause Menu" in your game?
  49. Android Programming
  50. Android Play Market Questions
  51. Transforming java into android
  52. Developer OUYA Shipping this Friday! How long to ship?
  53. OUYA Offical Dev Website
  54. Can't log in to Dev forum/site
  55. OUYA Emulator for Windows 7 and intel x86 / x64
  56. IAP Sample App
  57. OUYA ODK Released under a Free Software License
  58. Intro to OUYA Unity SDK
  59. Gamepad to touchscreen mapping - play (almost) any existing Android game
  60. PhoneGap on Ouya
  61. OUYA Touchpad - Any Unique ideas?
  62. What do you guys use for video capture?
  63. Happy New Year Guys/Gals stay safe.
  64. OUYA UI buttons
  65. OUYA on other Android devices
  66. How to Install OUYA Launcher on Nexus 7 - Video
  67. Anything better than Eclipse?
  68. OUYA Dev Controller pictures?
  69. A nice keyboard
  70. OUYA Name Branding Rules Put in Place
  71. 2nd Round of consoles are on the way.
  72. OUYA CREATE - $45,000 for creating an OUYA Game - Jan 14-23
  73. OUYA for bluestacks
  74. Error when trying to test on a Nexus 7
  75. MetaProject (Cocos2d-x project template for OUYA and more)
  76. Adobe AIR Native Extension for the OUYA Controller
  77. Alternative Development Hardware: What devices have you used that support Xbox 360 ga
  78. Getting started - ADB issues / .apk location
  79. Developing with Unity but no OUYA Device
  80. C/C++ Support
  81. Stencyl not supporting Ouya
  82. Anyone Here Taking Part in OUYA CREATE?
  83. New ODK and OTA Console update for Dev Kits Released
  84. Common C libraries ported to Android
  85. OUYA CREATE Confusion - New Game or One Already Started? No clear answer
  86. AVD Emulator Recognizing USB Gamepad ?
  87. What is your OUYA dev setup?
  88. Help setting up Unity for OUYA development
  89. OUYA CREATE Kicks Off & Unity Kicks in!
  90. NME to support OUYA
  91. New Game Engine
  92. OUYA Touchpad Navigation Standard
  93. Setting Input Controller OUYA
  94. Anyone see anything about game ratings yet?
  95. BladeSlinger Fake Shadows Technique
  96. The Hardest part about developing for the OUYA is.....
  97. OUYA Unity Package - Getting Started by HashbangGames
  98. So what about grabbing?
  99. Finally got Unity squared away
  100. How's everyones progress?
  101. Having a really rough time with Z-Sorting/Z-Buffer issues, anyone else?
  102. Developer Help/Collaboration Needed
  103. multiple Activities/Views or just one?
  104. Porting XNA to OUYA?
  105. Is someone with an OUYA devkit willing to test our prototype?
  106. Time-based movement
  107. First steps ...
  108. Hello, dear friends, what do you suppose would be the best way to make a platformer?
  109. New here, with a quest to fulfill
  110. Corona SDK - OUYA | Development Thread
  111. Porting a large game to OUYA
  112. Accessing user names?
  113. Trying to get polygon objects line up with Tiled map - libgdx
  114. OUYA Store is Up!
  115. can't login on the ouya 'Device'
  116. Unity Devs group
  117. Best game idea you never made
  118. looking for 2 player android game
  119. ┐How i Can Develop?
  120. G+ Hangouts for Unity Developers
  121. Zest3D - Anyone know about this 3D engine for OUYA?
  122. A question about OpenGL ES extension support.
  123. Tutorial: Jmonkey and OUYA
  124. Problem Ouya connection
  125. ODK Version 0.0.6
  126. Any references/tutorials/guides to making a 2D artstyle game?
  127. Buy Full Game implementation
  128. How did you get into game making?
  129. DBF: New Head of Game Developer Relations
  130. New OUYA Store Submissions Interface
  131. Content & Review Guidelines
  132. Cloud Based Game Saves is What OUYA Wants
  133. Best general-purpose multiplatform 2D engine?
  134. Which Developers Are Planning to Upload Before March 28th for the Promotion?
  135. Sorry if this is a stupid question but...
  136. Developer Special Rewards
  137. Tutorials for Ouya game development?
  138. Recommended Dev Controller
  139. Controller buttons
  140. Ouya answers
  141. GameMaker Extension now available for OUYA
  142. Java
  143. Conventional Coding
  144. What kind of sales do you want to see??
  145. Upload your game by Friday this week if you want coverage from the Press
  146. Music if someone wants
  147. Kickstarter reward ideas
  148. Unity coming to Playstation
  149. OUYA Now accepting Game Submissions
  150. Tutorials for OUYA 2D games
  151. Ads....
  152. Advertising Options on OUYAForum? Any Interest?
  153. Anyone want to help a noob out with Unity?
  154. Any developers interested in a bundle Promotion?
  155. Music composer looking to jump on a project!
  156. Will this price model work? Help appreciated
  157. How to make an online multiplayer game?
  158. Publishing :D
  159. Supremely noobish development help
  160. Ogre 3d
  161. FPS / Frame Rate Issues
  162. Scene Explorer 0.1 on OUYA
  163. Tips When Porting from Mobile to Ouya
  164. The new TRC requires a controller diagram for your game. You can use mine!
  165. OUYA Slideshow from Al Sutton at Droidcon Berlin 2013 - COMPLETE!
  166. Composer and Sound designer looking for experience
  167. Multilingual Support Resource
  168. Attention: Ouya Developers in the Oregon Area
  169. Starting with java
  170. On Local Multiplayer and Fun!
  171. Unity Plugin
  172. Tip for making fun games: Let us think for ourselves sometimes
  173. YoYo Games has an Ouya!!!
  174. AGK player for OUYA
  175. Classic 8/16bit yamaha FM musician available
  176. ESRB certification
  177. Need help to get started.
  178. XNA, MonoGame, and Ouya...
  179. Libgdx Controllers or ODK OuyaController?
  180. Anyone willing to port a game over to OUYA for me?
  181. Email from Kellee
  182. Android x86
  183. Marketing your Ouya game
  184. So how exactly will demos work?
  185. Unity Mobile Licenses go free
  186. Testing on PC
  187. ODK with Ubuntu Linux
  188. High quality MOBA game.
  189. Toying with making a game or two.
  190. Looking to hire someone to port my already-complete XNA game
  191. OUYA Web Browser User Agent String
  192. OUYA on MAC Driver Setup
  193. Help with building the .APK file
  194. Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholdig
  195. Porting PC Game to OUYA?
  196. Ouya IAP docs
  197. Clone the OUYA-Unity-Plugin from Github
  198. 7 questions about developing for OUYA
  199. Level design - would you be interested in making levels?
  200. API tutorials
  201. Sale reports for tax purposes
  202. Unity3d offering Monthly Subscriptions
  203. Trying to get YAGP (yet another game project) off the ground
  204. How shall I start Ouya programming?
  205. Programming setup
  206. Developer's Pact: Text Talk
  207. Looking for 2d/Concept Artist
  208. Project Anarchy-free game engine
  209. Developing for OUYA
  210. New studio needs help
  211. Considering Developing for the Ouya!
  212. Game maker compatibility questions
  213. Safety/Security cases for the OUYA?
  214. getIntrinsicWidth() and getIntrinsicHeight() return doubled values
  215. Is it possible to port my game made with C++ and SDL to OUYA?
  216. Baby steps
  217. System Button = Pause menu? How does it work?
  218. Game gift code? (for e.g. backers)
  219. Ubuntu adb problem
  220. Text Adventures on Ouya...
  221. Help with Ouya ODK Setup
  222. OUYA game review time - how long does it take?
  223. Anyone Thinking of Developing an Ouya ESPN App?
  224. Any idea how to find the OUYA store api or use it in an app?
  225. JackPad connectivity and control configuration?
  226. Monogame resolution scaling
  227. Make> Builds Section How to Use?
  228. "More Controllers Please" a library to use mobile devices as controllers[WIP]
  229. Ambient/Trip-Hop/Downtempo/Glitch music for your game.
  230. App Game Kit now supports Ouya
  231. applications that require mouse and keyboard
  232. Help wanted ouya developer comes with reward ren'py
  233. Adobe AIR and in-game payments
  234. Is the Ouya Controller XInput?
  235. Android Gaming Enging w/ Free Android Exporting?
  236. Controller Management App
  237. Sdl2?
  238. Online Multiplayer on Ouya
  239. Problem with compiling apk
  240. Looking For Galaxy On Fire 2 HD Style Game
  241. DIV Games Studio
  242. Earthbound type game
  243. New Analytics Categories from OUYA
  244. Screen bleed - How do you stop it?
  245. Which linux distro should I use for my development environment?
  246. Any 3D modellers in the house?
  247. Nebula2D needs contributors
  248. Blitzmax
  249. Embedding Youtube videos into your OUYA app
  250. What should I use the NDK for?