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  1. Are you an OUYA Backer on Kickstarter?
  2. First Look at the Ouya Controller
  3. What Apps Would You Like to See Develped for OUYA?
  4. Will The OUYA Support High End Games?
  5. Will OUYA have an Achievement system?
  6. OUYA Keyboard and Mouse?
  7. OUYA Question and Answer Segment with Kotaku
  8. Will OUYA go mainstream?
  9. OUYA is Surprisingly Small!!
  10. Any Pre-installed Apps?
  11. How many games at launch?
  12. How will the business model be done?
  13. List of Confirmed OUYA Games
  14. Big Developers Vs. Indie Devs on OUYA
  15. List of Games you would like to see on OUYA
  16. How Much Would you pay for OUYA Games?
  17. Will OUYA have Apps like Netflix, Vudu, Chrome web browser?
  18. OUYA AMA (Ask me Anything) on Reddit this Wednesday
  19. Final Fantasy III confirmed as launch title
  20. Firefall Dev "checking out" OUYA
  21. How much with OUYA Raise on Kickstarter?
  22. The Pessimist OUYA Thread
  23. Will OUYA get overloaded with crappy games?
  24. OUYA Will allow Promo Codes for Games
  25. OUYA Founder Julie Uhrman's Reddit Recap - Complete Q&A
  26. OUYA Partners with VEVO
  27. "I think we have it all wrong about OUYA."
  28. OUYA Hardware vs. PS3 and Xbox 360
  29. New Photos of Limited Edition OUYA and Controller
  30. If you could ask OUYA one Question, what would it be?
  31. Who Pledged $140 and Higher for OUYA on Kickstarter?
  32. OUYA Video Intro - Show us your best
  33. USB Optical Drive on OUYA?
  34. Kickstarter Games that Will Come to OUYA if Funded
  35. OUYA Update #9 - IHeartRadio coming to OUYA!
  36. Webcam support
  37. Haven't decide to buy or not to buy Ouya.
  38. The OUYA Intro is Here!
  39. The Perfect D-Pad
  40. Why not Just Emulate Android on a Laptop or PC?
  41. One Game Dev Seems a Bit Turned off by OUYA
  42. Other manufacturers, Same platform?
  43. VIDEO - Ouya CEO Says Console to Return Video Games to TV
  44. Humble Bundle for OUYA?
  45. OUYA Project Update #10
  46. Will OUYA Apps be separate from the OUYA Games in the App Store?
  47. What about Germany?
  48. Colorful Controllers!
  49. Ouya and Desura
  50. considering buying an OUYA
  51. OUYA Shipping outside US
  52. OUYA Project Update #12 - NAMCO, 4 Controllers, and PLEX!
  53. What about emulators, will we see them on the OUYA?
  54. OUYA Raises $8,596,475 - Amazing
  55. OUYA.TV site up - Taking pre-orders
  56. Please check out Shadowrun online!
  57. Could the OUYA handle 1080p mkv or avi files?
  58. Music while playing
  59. Anyone Here A Non Pledger That Pre-ordered the OUYA?
  60. Will OUYA Be Split Screen / Online play?
  61. Do your friends know about OUYA?
  62. Couldn't Google TV Kill OUYA?
  63. OUYA Taking a Survey For What games you want!
  64. Get free games ready for the OUYA via OnLive
  65. Ouya and the TV remote
  66. dimensions of ouya?
  67. About the OUYA console...
  68. Ouya should use some of their extra money to encourage game development!
  69. YouTube? Will it come pre-installed on OUYA
  70. OUYA gets 30% Revenue share for games sold
  71. OUYA welcome sound.
  72. ouya in europe??
  73. OUYA Themes
  74. OUYA.tv Website Statistics - Interesting
  75. Already Purchased Games
  76. Ouya hardware revisions ARE planned
  77. Partnership or such possible?
  78. How much Cash Do you think OUYA generated with Kickstarter?
  79. Secrets Pages on Ouya.tv
  80. First 4-Player OUYA Game Announced - Yummy Circus
  81. roku vs ouya
  82. Upgradeable/Bigger Flash Storage
  83. Humble Bundle for Android #3 is out
  84. OUYA Update 8/15/12 - Username Selection Coming in September
  85. OUYA and MAME, is possible?
  86. Planetary Annihilation - A Next Generation RTS
  87. General Consumer
  88. Kart Racing game announced for OUYA?
  89. >>>Feel free to post any websites that are good for app dev. here!<<<
  90. Multiplayer Games for Ouya?
  91. media server
  92. Will the launcher support Live Wallpapers?
  93. Game Purchases for OUYA - Will they be available ouside the OUYA Console?
  94. Controllers...PS3 Sixaxis?
  95. Will OUYA have a Redemption Code System
  96. Ouya HDMI
  97. Google play support?
  98. Does OUYA Give Android an edge over Apple iOS?
  99. OUYA browser Gamepad API
  100. Is this it from OUYA Until March/April?
  101. Do Pre-orders get the Founders Badge too?
  102. OUYA Exclusive Games
  103. GamesTM Magazine Cover Story - OUYA!
  104. Macho Man Randy Savage Console Start-Up?
  105. How big will most OUYA games be?
  106. 50+ Minute Video Conversation with OUYA CEO Julie Uhrman
  107. M.U.G.E.N. or Paintown on Ouya?
  108. OUYA wish list
  109. OUYA Kickstarter Backers (March) & Pre-orders (April) - What else for Backers?
  110. OUYA Up for STUFF Gadget Award 2012 - 'Most Wanted Future Gadget'
  111. Ouya hardware engineer Muffi Ghadiali discusses the inner workings of Ouya’s hardware
  112. Symetric thumbstick controller petition?
  113. Casual Game leaders talk OUYA - New Interviews
  114. Top OUYA Security Risks
  115. Mapping screen controls for pad buttons
  116. OUYA Website is Updated
  117. What happened at onlive...
  118. Hi I am new aka the n00b has some concerns... Your comments are welcome, go easy ;)
  119. Julie Uhrman Talks about What Happens to Backers' Funds if OUYA Fails
  120. Emulator Front end Like this on OUYA?
  121. So Small, but still lots of wires
  122. Pro Pinball Kickstarter: Possibly coming to OUYA/Android
  123. µTorrent Beta - Torrent App on OUYA?
  124. Keeping the riff raff out of the marketplace...thoughts?
  125. Creating exclusive for ouya...
  126. Gamestop is interested in OUYA (sort of)
  127. What the OUYA Controller should have been like
  128. Robert Bowling talks about OUYA Exclusive: Human Element
  129. OUYA Week in Review Video - OUYAForum.com
  130. Ghouls 'N Ghosts four ouya!!! we need it!
  131. Is Steam's The Big Picture Related to OUYA?
  132. PayPal Glitch for OUYA Pre-orders
  133. Will the OUYA have a Fan? What about Overheating?
  134. The Official OUYA Update Thread
  135. Game Developer, gauging interest for two game ideas...
  136. Power Voltage/Socket Issues with OUYA?
  137. Looks like OUYA is ditching PayPal Because they were mislead
  138. Big OUYA Announcement coming soon!
  139. Ouya Update #13
  140. Connection to PC/Laptop??
  141. OUYA Week in Review Video #2 - OUYAForum.com
  142. Official OUYA website
  143. Anyone Getting an OUYA for non-gaming reasons?
  144. HDMI and HDCP
  145. The Future of OUYA
  146. Icontrolpad 2 compatability with Ouya
  147. What exactly is Boxer8?
  148. Answers From Game Studios on if their games will be on OUYA!
  149. OUYA Podcast
  150. no audio output?
  151. Ouya Specs
  152. OUYA pre-orders and PayPal
  153. Official List of Software Apps on OUYA
  154. Give End User Full Control Over the End User Interface- Always empower the end user.
  155. OUYA Week in Review Video #3 - OUYAForum.com
  156. More controller types
  157. OUYA Stock - Will they go public or sell stock?
  158. CyberWar Studios & OUYA Partnership?
  159. OUYA Username Reservations this week!
  160. Let's Help OUYA With These Decisions
  161. IControlPad2 on OUYA - Not sure it's needed
  162. OUYA Blog Update - 9/28/12 - Lots of Good Things Happening
  163. Got my username email
  164. OUYA username - how to interpret the guidelines
  165. The Official 'What is Your OUYA Username' Thread
  166. OUYA Username Reservation Q&A Thread
  167. Several Great OUYA Questions from Reddit
  168. The Anti OUYA people make me sick
  169. OUYA: Open Source? Open? Open Hardware? What is it?
  170. F2P Games on OUYA: Will all games be Free to Play?
  171. Saga Kingdoms Kickstarter
  172. Shipping and controller 'prepaid' with kickstarter
  173. OUYA Week in Review Video #4 - OUYAForum.com
  174. PATV Extra Credits: Video including OUYA
  175. Julie Uhrman is attending GDC Online in Austin - Anyone going?
  176. Game store mockup + thought about the ecosystem.
  177. Compatible with wireless KB & mouse
  178. OUYA is Hiring - $75K-$130K compensation
  179. Google Play Store purchase VS. OUYA's market...
  180. Any chance for a game creator thingy on Ouya?
  181. Julie Uhrman to Keynote at Droidcon
  182. Tegra 3 and 1080p issues
  183. Where OUYA Fans are From: The Stats
  184. When will we get our official OUYA username?
  185. Will OUYA Allow Multitasking and will it be good?
  186. Gorgeous Guardians: Kiken to Use Dual Screen (w/phone) play
  187. OUYA Week in Review Video #5 - OUYAForum.com
  188. OUYA at Droidcon
  189. SmartPhone Controller
  190. Will the OUYA Game Console Disappoint?
  191. hey all i am have some qustions
  192. Remote Control for OUYA
  193. Will any android app work on OUYA???
  194. More Dev Kits Potentially!
  195. Is 8gb of internal flash storage enough to keep your game collection or saved games
  196. Playing Flash Games on the OUYA
  197. Will it be possible for ouya to share apps/games with other android devices?
  198. Local multiplayer gaming on Ouya...?
  199. OUYA Project Update #14
  200. Couple Q's
  201. Wiil OUYA came with some kind of web browser ? let me see what you guys think
  202. The OUYA Printed Circuit Board
  203. Any chance of a Skylanders-type game on Ouya?
  204. UI Language
  205. Most Anticipated Gadget - Runner Up - OUYA
  206. Ouya customer support not being very responsive....
  207. Ouya controller
  208. Kickstarter
  209. What games to look forward to?
  210. How about an Ouya mascot?
  211. First party titles?
  212. Ouya internal save files and game save and games downloaded
  213. Angry Birds, Temple Run, Subway Surfers, Cut the Rope...?
  214. Voice Chat?
  215. Microsoft announces "Xbox set-top box" Possible OUYA competitor?
  216. OUYA Nominated for Best New Startup of 2012
  217. Cool Engadget Poll about OUYA
  218. Julie Uhrman in NYC on December 10 for Free Event
  219. Ouya add on's
  220. OUYA's Communication - Tired of hearing complaints
  221. Some ideas...
  222. OUYA Update #15 - Developer Consoles are shipping on time! Dec 28, 2012
  223. What form will the games come in?
  224. The Size of OUYA shown in a Photo!
  225. OUYA Apps - No News Lately. There has to be a Ton Coming
  226. Can OUYA play flash based internet content??
  227. Ouya as "streambox"?
  228. Will the OUYA Controller be rechargable?
  229. A little OUYA Controller Info
  230. Network Storage
  231. OUYA Meetup UK?
  232. Will the Ouya contain a USB mapping tool?
  233. Kaiju Combat - Kickstarter
  234. The #myouyagame Contest Winners
  235. OUYA is Hiring!
  236. OUYA to run AIR Games
  237. OUYA's Julie Uhrman to Keynote at SXSW in March
  238. Power Supply
  239. Question about usernames
  240. Question: OUYA Preorder
  241. The OUYA Game Bundle - Anyone Interested?
  242. Competitor for ouya!!
  243. How much do you think you would be willing to pay for the average OUYA Game?
  244. Will the OUYA Help OnLive Gain Ground?
  245. Ouya vs Raspberry Pi
  246. Xbmc
  247. 10 Games announced
  248. Guncraft: Foundry Kickstarter Live!!
  249. Sports games - tennis, football, golf, snooker?
  250. UK Power plug