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  1. The Purpose of this folder
  2. Looking to Develop a Memory Game
  3. New ARPG
  4. Looking for help for a Milkshape 3d Engine
  5. If anyone needs some (java) programming or art help, just ask me!
  6. Need a java coder!
  7. [ARTIST NEEDED] Wolfsbane: the Legacy - 3D art and design request
  8. Italian translation for all games
  9. Looking to develope a free roam game
  10. Fighting game for OUYA
  11. Dead World - Looking for C++/Lua Programmer for OUYA/Havok Developer Contest
  12. Would love to help with AUDIO/SFX
  13. Volunteer MIDI Composer
  14. Willing to join a team. Have programming and advertising experience.
  15. SJPCOMPOSITION - Composition & Sound Design
  16. Music Composer for Your Project
  17. Music Composer for Your Project
  18. Looking for a basic WebView app for our podcast website
  19. Team needed for WASTED an old school FPS
  20. Sprite designer needed for epic sandbox game
  21. Looking for a level designer and a 2D Artist
  22. Offering 3D services for low or no cost
  23. Help needed! Coders needed to finalize forum app!
  24. THERMOBEAR needs a programmer for his THERMONESS..
  25. Super Mario War Android port to Ouya dev..
  26. NeoBird looking for partners/publishers to get existing Spellcreepers IP on OUYA
  27. Any game developers out there need some music?
  28. Looking for a Unity Developer to assist me with a game to be released on OUYA
  29. Marathon Trilogy
  30. Looking to start a team...
  31. CALLING ALL DEVS!! Anyone interested in doing a OUYA bundle for greenlight???
  32. Inane games look to devs to port their ios games to OUYA. 50-50 revenue split.
  33. Looking for talented sprite artist
  34. Do these sprites look alright? Also, looking for volunteers.
  35. Musician looking for a project!
  36. Programmer and Artist needed for peaceful Flower-esque game!
  37. Translation service: german
  38. Wanted: Developers for OUYA All-Stars Fighting Game (including a Project Lead)
  39. Looking for pixel artists
  40. Ouya Controller Mapper in Game Maker
  41. Searching Team for Open World Game - Ancient Grief
  42. Civil Games Team search
  43. Experienced with Imagine/.EMU? VICE? I'm looking for you!
  44. OUYA developer looking for work
  45. Sprite maker
  46. Voice actor here
  47. Looking for Devs for Achieve Social. VOLUNTEERS ONLY, NO PAY
  48. Game Maker Studio Programmer Needed*PAID*
  49. Musician here. Sorath AKA stephane
  50. Non professional English>Italian translator
  51. Project Etherium: Possibly need voices for a game project - Male and female
  52. Need a few sprites
  53. Original Video game Music / Schematist Game Audio
  54. Game Music Composer / Musician Reporting In!
  55. [ PAID ] OUYA Native Developer Needed
  56. Civil games Team Search
  57. World of Shadows [I need a TEAM]
  58. Looking for musician
  59. Ouya developer wanted to port HTML5 game [PAID WORK]
  60. Wanted Dead or Alive: OUYA Programmer
  61. Would anyone be interested in a collab?
  62. Unity3d Coder Looking For Paid Work
  63. Lurking Giants (a Ninja tale)...lookinig for an interested person (people)
  64. BootyCall, OnScreenAlerts, and future apps (Localization)
  65. OUYA Dev Unity3d - Menus onGUI help/paid work
  66. Game maker Sprite maker
  67. Music Composer, Producer & Guitarist - Available