Below are the options that we currently offer. OUYAForum is the most popular unofficial OUYA related website on the net. Please see our advertising options below, and if you are interested:

- Premier 728x90 Header Banner Rotation - This is the leaderboard banner located toward the top of the site. These ads appear on all pages of our forums, in a rotation. There are 10 slots in the rotation, meaning your ad will show 10% of all page views.
Current Prices are: $19/week or $75/month.

- 728x90 Footer Banner - This is the leaderboard banner located toward the bottom of the site. These ads appear on all pages of our forums, and are currently static ads (not in a rotation).
Current Prices are: $15/week or $55/month.

- 250x250 First Post Banner - This is the large square banner you will see besides the first post in all discussion threads. Currently a static ad (not in a rotation).
Current Prices are: $45/week or $157/month.

- 125x125 Side Bar Banners - These are the small square banners located on the right hand side of the forum homepage. These are static ads (not in a rotation). Ads are ordered by when they were purchased. The oldest ads are toward the top, and the newest go to the bottom. This is to benefit long term advertisers.
Current Prices are: $19/week or $75/month.

- FEATURED OUYA Game of the Week - You can featured your game as the OUYA Game of the Week on the main page of More details on this, along with pricing at:
See link above

- Featured OUYA Game/App Subfolder - Are you a developer looking to have your own subforum for your game/app on OUYAForum? Is one thread for your game/app, like the rules permit not enough? Are you looking for an effective way of advertising your game, in hopes to get it out of the sandbox? Then perhaps a Featured Game/App Sub Forum for your game is just what you need.

Benefits of a Featured Game/App Subforum:
- Advertising for your game/app
* Your subforum will be accessible from the main page of
* It will also be featured at the top of the "Current OUYA Games & Apps" folder when anyone views this folder!
- Unlimited Threads about your game/app
* Use your subforum to start as many threads as you like about your game/app. You could ask questions to gamers about certain aspects of your game, etc.
* Allow gamers to start multiple threads for your game/app, rather than just having them all in your single game/app thread.
* Host contests, competitions, etc. with individual threads for each.
* Post whatever you like about your game, including promotions, etc. in your folder.
- Moderating ability
* All Featured Game/App Folders will be moderated by the games developer(s). If you have 5 different developers on your team, all of them can have moderator privileges to your folder!
Current Pricing details:
- The cost of a Featured Game/App folder is $59 to start up. That $59 will cover your first month. To renew for an additional month(s), the price will be $35/month, $299/year,or $399 one time fee for an unlimited amount of time. (note prices may increase depending on demand in the future, but you are locked into the price you are paying no matter what the price increases to, as long as you continue to renew).
- If you elect not to renew your folder, it will be moved into a hidden archive section of our forum. You can renew at anytime to reactivate your folder and all the posts/threads within it.

- Paid Sticky Ads - These are discussion threads that are pinned (or stickied) to the top of the other threads in a particular folder. We currently offer sticky threads for purchase in the Current OUYA GAmes & Apps and the Upcoming OUYA Games & Apps folders.
Current Prices are: $19/week or $75/month.

If interested, please .