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    Also in the same menu (manage-->controllers-->pairing--> press Y for bluetooth settings) if you press the 'OUYA' button once, you will get more options. If you go to avanced settings and try this on other options you get additional information.

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    Thinking of doing this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex Ross Shaw View Post
    Have we ever had any definitive explanation of what a firmware update will do and what the difference between each one is? Just checked one of my controllers and its 103, but when I have four pads on at once at least one will lag out to the point where we simply can't play four-player games. If upgrading to 104 would help, I'd consider it, but there's no point chucking away good money for an update that does very little. Apologies if this thread is now considered 'too old' but it seems to be the only relevant one.
    Back when I sent my Kickstarter controller, it fixed heavy lagging, random stuck commands, and inaccurate movement range. It was quite the relief when that was fixed so I could actually enjoy games.

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    When I contacted them, they told me more than anything, that with multiple controllers, it's more important that they all have the same version, rather than the latest version (although I'm sure the latest version helps too).

    I have one Kickstarter controller, and one anthracite, when I first got the anthracite, it was almost unusable. Button presses were not recognized for several seconds sometimes. They updated my Kickstarter controller after I sent it to them, and now both controllers work alright. My best investment though, was probably the Xbox 360 USB wireless adapter. Although controller support isn't perfect on every game, my 360 controllers are almost flawless.

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