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    Ouya controller firmware version (and battery level)

    No one seems to be aware of this, but Ouya game controllers do have a firmware version.

    To find out what yours is, go to the controllers pairing menu and press Y (bluetooth settings), then with the touchpad, click on the settings icon on the right of the screen , near to "OUYA Game Controller". It will open a menu showing firmware version of the Ouya gamepad and its current battery level.

    My firmware version is 0x0102 and I have never experienced any lag while playing.

    What's yours ?

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    Wow, nice find! Mine is 0x0103 - never experienced lag either.
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    I have 2 and they are, 0x0103 and 0x0104. I don't have lag.

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    0x0102 Kickstarter Console / Controller

    Now it'll be interesting how to get the firmware updated.

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    I have 0x0103 and have occasional lag, when theres something obscuring LOS. And yes I have the front of the OUYAY pointing to me.
    But I didn't have "prioritise Blutooth over Wifi" setting on yet. (Was automatic but that idn't seem to help)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pat1986 View Post
    0x0102 Kickstarter Console / Controller

    Now it'll be interesting how to get the firmware updated.
    Something to do with this maybe?

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    Mine must be the original firmware version as I don;t need to check the system to see the number.

    It simply doesn't pair.

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    UK launch day controller packed with my ouya, only time I get lag is if my leg and desk are both in the way at the same time which is just a fault with bluetooth overall, but I do sit about 3-4 foot away from the ouya which lives under my desk currently.

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    I goto PAIRING
    the screen shows 4 controllers and says "to pair your controller: Press and hold U button etc
    (red) Continue (selection)

    and on bottom of screen...
    Select....Bluetooth Settings......or Back

    HELP- don't see a "Settings Icon"

    I select Bluetooth Settings and goto OUYA Game Controller and a pop-up comes up saying This will end your connection with OUYA Gams Controller


    OK Sorry
    My bad, I AM the idiot. Found icon on the right

    BTW: AWESOME and thanks

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    Mine is 0x0103 and it's a retail launch console. I'll see if I can inquire about the differences between each firmware.

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