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    There's no straight way to say "unlock all content" to an Ouya game. If all content is handled by in-game purchases, the only way to pirate Ouya games is to hack each one so they allow to access all content that would require payment.

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    is it possible to release som kind of ouya emulator to begin with? that allow us to test the input by ourselves?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AdyCarter View Post
    Test versions would surely need to test iap anyways. Plus games are not meant to be free, a demo suffices.
    There are no "Demo" games. All games have to be free. You can have a game that you unlock the "Full" game with an IAP but it's not going to be like the Android store where there are two versions of the same game with one being the demo and free and one being the paid game. This is what I mean.
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