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    How This Folder Works / How to Post Your APK

    This folder is meant to help OUYA game/app developers share apps that are currently under development with other developers and testers.

    In order to gain the privilege to post your OUYA game & app .apk files, your OUYAForum account must first be upgrade to "Developer". This is totally free. All you have to do is send me a private message, and ask for the upgrade. The upgraded account will allow you to start new threads in this folder, and begin uploading your .apk for others to test.

    Please note that all forum viewers will have access to the .apk/.zip files you upload here, so we encourage developers to zip up their .apk files and password protect them, if you wish to limit downloads to only certain people.

    Please follow the below directions in creating a new thread for your app/game (must have upgraded account - see above):
    1) The title of the new thread in this folder should be as follows - "App Title (or working title) - Developer name"
    2) The body of your new thread should include details of the game/app that you are allowing testers to test, as well as any questions you may have for testers to provide feedback on. Also if you are using a pw protected file, you should inform users how to contact you in order to get the pw to your file.
    3) Click the "attachments" icon at the top of the text box and upload your .apk or .zip file. If you wish to limit the ability to access your file to only certain people, we highly suggest that you pw protect your .zip file.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a private message.

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    This is a great idea! As a developer who isn't getting a dev kit it will be great to know my app will work on the actual console instead of an emulator. I will be doing this in a month or two
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    this is great!! our game will be ready to test in 1 month aprox!

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    I don't think any developers will be willing to put their .apk's in a place where anyone can download them. This forum will only be useful to devs who already have a kit anyway, so I think better to make this sub-forum private and available only to devs
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    That is one option, but the other option is for devs to pw protect their zip files so only certain people can download them. All the input is welcome.

    I could make it private so that only other devs can download them.

    What is everyone's opinions?
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    Games are meant to be free anyway, so why would you be worried about someone getting their hands on it?
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    Re: How This Folder Works / How to Post Your APK

    Quote Originally Posted by SamJ View Post
    Games are meant to be free anyway, so why would you be worried about someone getting their hands on it?
    Test versions would surely need to test iap anyways. Plus games are not meant to be free, a demo suffices.

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    This is a great thread for random unknown people to test your applications, but if you don't want everyone to get their hands on it, find someone you can trust with a OUYA and ask them privately
    Maybe because every game needs to have a free part in them, this could be used to test that part
    And free games can always be posted to be tested =P

    But then this may turn out to be a advertising thread =/

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    I really don't feel a zip password is enough security, sorry. I don't want anyone getting their hands on my apk before it's ready, and when it is ready, it'll be going to the Ouya store and that's it. In theory, no one should be able to get at the apk's unless they root the Ouya, in which case it wipes the store and all downloaded apk's off anyway, as an anti-piracy measure
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    f you don't want anyone getting your apk before its ready, then you wont want testers, then this isn't aimed at you?

    If 256bit AES doesn't reassure you then nothing will? (Thats the best a zip can I have last I checked?)

    I give it a week after retail launch for people to have found ways of getting the APKS anyways.

    No one is forcing anyone to use this sub forum Ed has set up, its simply there if people do want to.


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