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    Announcing my OUYA game, The Secret of Universe Alpha

    Game has been released on OUYA. This thread will continue in Released games section. Go Here.

    The Secret of Universe Alpha - an OUYA-exclusive game set to be a launch title (assuming I can swing it). It's a top-down space shooter with Zelda-style exploration. I'm going to release it as a demo, that you have to pay to unlock shortly into the game to get the rest of the game (basically after you finish the second level/dungeon).

    Here's an early video of it running on an OUYA dev kit

    And this is an early screenshot (earlier than the video):
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    Hey, your game looks sweet! I love the fact you have a video of it running on OUYA!

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    Looks cool!

    Is it set in a massive universe? Will it have multiplayer?
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    Thanks. No multiplayer - at one point I was tempted to allow a second player for local co-op play, but my schedule for having the game done for launch is extremely tight as things are. I'm hoping the universe will be massive, the idea is to have at least as much explorable area as the first Zelda game. But it really comes down to how much of an interesting universe I can make in time for launch - I don't want boring empty space regions just to make the universe feel huge.

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    Re: Announcing my OUYA game, The Secret of Universe Alpha

    Very cool. Looks like a fun game. The camera distance is sometimes quite far away from the ship but I guess it would look better on a tv than it does on my phone
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    Yeah, that's kind-of the point - it's a game meant to be played on a big ole TV I wanted to make a game that played great on the OUYA, but was obviously not a cell phone port. It's what I'm hoping the OUYA gets more and more of over time, games designed for OUYA, not just cell phone games with controllers and 16:9 aspect added in.

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    Yeah that's what I'm hoping for as well, I know it's what I'm developing
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    Looks good so far.
    Keep us updated!


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