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I dont have contacts and text messages at my Ouya.
So there is no problem for me and im happy for the free games.
Good point. I have been using my amazon account for my phone, tablet, and OUYA, so it's all tied together. Can I get Underground on my OUYA and not on my other devices? If I do, can I play an Underground game on my non-Underground phone since it's all in the same Amazon account? I wonder...

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Wow, General Permissions, Privacy Policies, and Terms of Serves seem to have gotten out of control this last decade; and it's only getting worst (nothing is "free" as they claim).

It's not a perfect solution, but when I decided to sideload apps from the Amazon App Store I created a OUYA exclusive Amazon account and tied it to an OUYA exclusive email address. I'm sure they still harvest whatever data is available, but I feel a little better about it by limiting what I can.
Unfortunately I did not have your foresight.