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    Well, now it says "With delivery courier", and after googling it for a bit, the consensus is that means it's in the van on the way to be delivered! Either way, tomorrow is fine anyway. Not like my game is done, haha. It is ready to be tested on OUYA though.

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    We know that some are being delivered today and we're already receiving reports of people receiving them, so hope you all enjoy.

    Al, from OUYA

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    Lucky bloke - mine is still in Hong Kong, with just the shipment info received. I'd consider myself lucky if I got mine next Wednesday.

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    I wanted to get the dev-kit too, because I was so enthusiastic about it and wanted to have some games ready at the launch, so I worked hard to get the money before 31st December (which was supposedly the end of the availability) and today (28th) when I finally managed to earn the money, so I rushed to the OUYA dev-kit preorder webpage and... felt like I was stabbed in the back. It was just gone :-/

    OUYA just made me very very sad :-( And kind of killed my enthusiasm...
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    You should email them and ask what you need to do. Or even ask on their forums, they are pretty active on it so far.

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    we got it today. It is real

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    Just got my OUYA! Pics to come.

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    Can't wait. Be sure to post lots of pictures
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    Could be cool if someone could livestream them playing around with it and letting viewers ask questions.


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