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    The Official 'I got my OUYA Game Console' Thread

    Here is the official thread to post when you received your email from OUYA letting you know that your OUYA Console has shipping, and when you actually receive your console.

    If you have received the email notifying to you that your console has shipped, please post here (and include part of the email if you can).

    If you have received the console in the mail, please post here with any pictures, photos, videos, etc that you can. For those of us that are not quite as fortunate to afford a dev console

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    This will not be so soon...April, March...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bessie View Post
    This will not be so soon...April, March...
    Developer consoles are supposed to begin shipping tomorrow, although some have already begun shipping apparently.
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    /looks enviously at Jawdy...

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    Quote Originally Posted by AdyCarter View Post
    /looks enviously at Jawdy...
    No word, as of yet, but if they're not shipping until tomorrow, makes sense :-)

    Quote Originally Posted by Dafreakzo View Post
    I am fairly certain that Studio Evil has received a console all ready.
    Their tweets show that they're getting one, but as a super early Dev backer (#754 iirc from the email), I'd be a bit pissed if the comp winners got a console before the paid backers! Pretty much because I'd be jealous, hehe.

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    Hey, I just received my confirmation email, here's the template:

    We shipped your OUYA Developer Kit!

    This is exciting news, so we thought we'd share it with you.

    Here are the details:

    Your order was shipped via DHL Express Worldwide, and is estimated to arrive December 31, 2012 - January 10, 2013.

    The following items were included in this shipment:

    1 x SAMPLE Dev Kit: Console + 2x Controllers (90E2-0V10010)

    This shipment was sent to:



    You can track your package by clicking the link below:

    (Please allow 24-48 hours for tracking number to be recognized on the carrier website.)

    Thank you for believing in OUYA!

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    That's great news krusmir! Wonder why there is such a spread on shipping (3-14 days). So I guess some people will begin receiving their OUYA consoles on December 30th.
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    I just wish i had money

    please make a review video and put it on you tube when you get it
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    Looks like TheVerge & Slashgear just linked to this thread in an article
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    DHL ships on New Year's Eve, so that's good, UPS doesn't and FedEx...I couldn't really tell from their chart, but it *might*.


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