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    This dev already has his game running on OUYA.

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    So in this video is this after you've changed things around to make your game for OUYA? Or is this how it plays without changing anything from Android?

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    He hasn't changed anything from android. He hadn't even mapped the attacks to the buttons yet. I subscribed cause I want to see how it looks once it's optimized for the OUYA.

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    Nice video! My game is working on the device without issues as well, and I've updated the input to work correctly. Though, my interface does not work with the controllers just yet. (Soon enough!) I will post a video some time in the next few days.
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    Just to make it clear, all this guy did was install an Android game onto his dev kit, he isn't actually running a "native" Ouya game; it's not even in the Games section of the interface (which just requires changing one line in a text file). This video frustrated me at the end by talking about how there is no way to exit the game, how serious an oversight is is...and then proceeding to show this by pressing every button *except* the Home button that does so

    I wish I had my dev kit, I have my game running from the Ouya launcher almost perfectly on my tablet, all ready to go.

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    It's cool just to see a game running, even if there is a bit of work to do on the game to convert it. Kinda shows how easy it is going to be to port an android game over
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    And we'll happily support developers updating their games to support the OUYA. The thing to remember is that these are dev kits, which means we can still take feedback from developers and shape the consumer experience from it, so the more people start converting their games and give us feedback the better the final experience should be.
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