Hey Everyone,
My name is Taylor Balbi and I'm the lead developer/designer for a game coming to OUYA. I just wanted to officially announce a game that has been in development since September of this year. The name is Leroux and will hopefully see at least a demo launch in March for all you kickstarter backers. Our main focus is to create a game for PC/Mac/Linux and also OUYA. The OUYA will probably be the first platform we launch on so we can test the waters, get feedback and make tweaks. We're an Elite Developer backer and look forward to bringing some fun games to the OUYA community

"Leroux, a 2.5D stealth/puzzle platformer, is coming to a few platforms next year. The protagonist, Leroux, is a talented and athletic inventor that had been sabotaged and her prized inventions stolen just before the World Expo. Determined to get her gadgets back before the Expo opens, she heads up to track down the only person who could have done such a thing, Archie Heaton of Heaton Industries.

Leroux is a game with heavy focus on tactical movements mixed with puzzle solving. Move around the locations quickly and efficiently, but try to avoid the many robots in each location. Don’t worry, if you are discovered, you can attempt to reprogram them or fight them off, but some of them won’t be easy. Reprogramming robots has its advantages, like being able to see where other robots are within a certain range of a reprogrammed robot, or if you’re lucky they can assist you if you find yourself forced into combat."

We're currently working on a tech and presentation demo for when we do a Kickstarter (hopefully in January). More information will be coming soon on our various page (links below). We're going with a heavy silhouetted art style not unlike Deadlight and other recent platformers.