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    Beekyr: Eco Shoot'em up - Kaleido Games

    This thread is for the discusison of Beekyr: Eco Shoot'em up.

    You can play and leave us feedback and suggestions. Get the full version to really enjoy the whole game.
    For Hi-Scores go here

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    This looks awesome! Trying it out now.
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    OUYAForum Fan takedownmak's Avatar
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    Nov 2013

    my touch pad doesn't work properly so i can click on anything in the menus

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    OUYA Developer rosse119's Avatar
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    May 2013

    It doesn't seem ready for Ouya yet, it doesn't fill the screen, hope the menu will be redone.

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    Is crazy but OUYA was struggling to move the game at 1080p at constant 30FPS. We had to reduce the screensize to improve playability. Sorry, this game needs to run very smooth and that was the only way...(or reduce layers). Weak laptops from 2007 already move the game 30FPS. I wonder why OUYA doens't....
    Ouya is a bit underpowered. Phones with worst GPUs, move exactly the same game (same code) @1080p @30FPS. Maybe the textures are too big for OUYA?

    We asked OUYA guys to let us output games to 720p (In this case it will look the same, but run 50-60FPS).

    About touchpad:
    Your pad should be enough to navigate the menus. Maybe there is a cable that is not linked within the controler?

    Anyway, for convenience, we will try to remove the touch pad in future versions, (whenever we place out game in Steam's greenlight).

    But this will definitely happen earlier if OUYA version gets popular.
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    OUYA Developer rosse119's Avatar
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    Thats crazy! Wow! Would they let you run it at 720 then? I think without full screen it would annoy me to much to play it, also the reason i said about the menu is because eventhough the Ouya has a touch pad i find that games that rely on them for menu's feel like rushed mobile ports and it's obvious you have worked hard on this as it looks brilliant.

    From what i can gather with the Ouya it's all about optomising for it, i haven't converted my game to Ouya yet so can't talk from my experiences.
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    Yeah we just wrote a blog post about this:

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    Hello Guys,

    We have updated it, the easiest mode is slightly easier. And screensize problem has been fixed!!! I was able to stretch the small 720p output to 1080p...It worked.
    Also, please if you can, play with a wired controller. OUYA controller is not responsive enough!

    Enjoy the game!!!!

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    OUYAForum Addict mmartino's Avatar
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    Yeah was having crazy lag from the controller. Well maybe when you redo the menu system you can fix the controllers. Otherwise it looks like something I would buy.

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    This looks awesome, but for the developer to basically say his game doesn't work properly with the default controller, come on now... Is a fix planned for that? I really hope so!

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