Hi everybody,

Salvage, the frantic top down, twin stick, shooter from Unbound Studios is now available on Ouya. Scorch across the desert in your combat kart blasting, slicing, and electrifying your way through the thousands of rusted war machines roaming the wasteland. Keep an eye out for a dropped weapon upgrades like the hyper mods, tri-cannons, bombs, mines, emps, and the insane Blitz Mode weapon. Purchase or collect Salvage dropped by downed enemies to repair your vehicle and unlock the full suite of weapons, all four cars, and all the starting equipment upgrades as you engage in intense arcade warfare.

Coming Soon:
I'm working on some additional environments for Salvage that will carry the gameplay in exciting new directions. In coming months you can expect the Frozen Tudra stage, with twice the dropped Salvage but half the friction! Then I'll be rolling out the Dark Crater level which will yield quadruple Salvage but also rack your kart with perpetual burn damage. So keep watch for those awesome updates!