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    Quote Originally Posted by Pat1986 View Post
    How's development going? I'm still very excited for this game.
    I wonder if we will ever be able to play it in its more solid form after this new year.

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    Strange, I have not received any notifications about replies to this thread. Sorry for not getting back to you sooner.

    After releasing the game on Steam I got offered to hold some classes teaching programming. I thought that would be a great opportunity for future projects/work. And then I got offered a full time job as an IT developer, which I really couldn't say no to as I lost my previous job a few months back. So I have been quite busy.

    In December Razer Cortex sent out an email to all developers that they are closing down the store and wont be accepting any new games in 2018, which probably means the same for the Ouya store. I am very sorry that I couldn't find the time and energy to get RTA released on Ouya earlier. The game sadly took too long to finish due to work and life getting in my way. Steam is also no longer a great store to be on due to the massive amount of games released every day. It is sad to see the Android consoles dying, I thought the Ouya was a great concept for playing and releasing indie games.
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    Didn't know it was on Steam yet. Too bad the android / ouya version wont be no more. I really enjoyed it back then. anyway, i've put it on my steam whishlist now.

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    I'm still interested, following it on Steam
    If you don't try, you'll never know.

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    Thanks guys Too bad you missed the winter sale.

    I am planning to get Steam Achievements working soon-ish. A plugin for this was recently released for the engine I'm using. Just too many other things that I need to take care of. Today it's paperwork...
    I am currently working on a retro sidescrolling action adventure called Rush to Adventure
    Follow me on Twitter @M_Esko

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