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    Isomeva .apk testing

    Isomeva is an online turn by turn strategy game

    Learn more about the game in that thread:

    I've now put together a BETA version

    To install the game on your OUYA, follow those instructions:

    you can download the game from that location ( type it in your OUYA browser )

    I Hope you'll enjoy playing the beta!

    Comments & bug reports are very welcomed!
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    Play Sticky Sticky and Isomeva (Beta) on OUYA

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    I can't get this to work.

    First when I booted it, there was a black and white loading circle that closed and opened. I waited there for like a minute until I realized that it wasn't going to leave on its own. I randomly pressed the button and some kind of leaderboard popped out, it also said ' Back' in the corner of the screen, so I pressed . Then the game went to a sky blue background and now it's stuck there. If I exit the game and go back, I see the sky blue background, nothing else. As far as I know, there's no way to exit this background besides double tapping the home button.

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    thanks for trying.
    One reason could be a very poor internet connexion.

    I'll add a pop up message for those kind of error and will update the beta.
    Play Sticky Sticky and Isomeva (Beta) on OUYA

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    Quote Originally Posted by caou View Post
    One reason could be a very poor internet connexion.
    Bingo. My OUYA's not very Wi-fi friendly. I wonder if I can tether my connection...

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    I've updated the apk to show an error pop up when the ouya cannot reach the game server + I've fixed a bug on the main menu.

    You should uninstall the game, redownload the game apk, and install it again.
    Sorry for that :/ But thanks for being the first tester
    Play Sticky Sticky and Isomeva (Beta) on OUYA

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    Yeah, I can definitely see the error now.

    Quote Originally Posted by ERROR

    Just a suggestion, but would it be better if it said that there are network connection problems, so that the user can know what's going on?

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    Until your last message, I was not sure what kind of error the app would show up.
    Now I know that, I will add extra details on the next update.
    Thanks !
    Play Sticky Sticky and Isomeva (Beta) on OUYA

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    I played the first level of the tutorial while my connection lasted and the game's actually pretty good. I like the blue Rising Sun background and the birds chirping thing you have going. The only thing that confused me a bit was the character movement. Since the map is side-ways, it can be confusing when it comes to using the dpad. It's not a serious problem though, I got used to it pretty quickly.

    Question, is it possible to include Analog stick support? It might seem weird to use an Analog stick for a game like this, but it's my personal preference. The OUYA's dpad isn't my favorite... Unless there's PS3 controller support. I also thought the actual game was a little quiet. I can't remember if there were birds chirping in the tutorial, I think it might be good to add a little soft music in the background and add the option to lower the music volume down if the user doesn't like music, for some odd reason. Nice game. I dig it.

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    Good to hear the issue was only wifi related!

    Yes the game is still in a draft state, I will work on the audio, but that is not my main concern for now, much more worried about the game being fun to play
    The game will support the analog pad in a future update, have to check how to deal with diagonal inputs. I have a ps3 controller around, so I should be able to support it as well.

    Thanks for you support!
    Play Sticky Sticky and Isomeva (Beta) on OUYA

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    Just an idea I had, not sure if you'd like to implement it but I wanted to throw it out there just in case. Maybe it'll inspire something greater. Warp tiles. Notice this:

    Here you have one piece of land connected to each other. What if you divide it into multiple pieces of lands, each separated from each other and the user would have to use these warp tiles in order to reach the flag? I think you could use this as a puzzle if you add multiple warp tiles in one (or more) piece(s) of land, the user would have to learn the order or guess which tile leads to the finish line and would have to avoid the enemy at the same time. Just a thought

    Would be great for a difficult-type of level.


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