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    Exclamation Pathways - Redifining Interactive Fiction (#myouyagame)

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Eduardo and I'm part of a small indie dev company called Moonberry Studios.

    We have been working on an Interactive Fiction game called "Pathways - Caelo" for the last few months and in an attempt to suck less at marketing than we usually do we made a preview site:

    Many of you have probably played game books (the "Choose your own adventure" kind), perhaps some visual novels? Pathways is a game engine that aims to redefine the genre, and Caelo, the first book, is only the beginning.

    We still have a LOT of work ahead of us but we would like your feedback. Which art style do you prefer and why? What would you like to see in the game? What do you want us to avoid? Did the preview interest you or is it too little information? Etc, etc...

    Oh, and if our project sparks your interest please retweet our #myouyagame and help us bring this game to your living room for the launch.


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    I wonder what happened with this. I'll probably hit them on Twitter tomorrow.

    To answer your question, I think this type of art looks interesting. I forgot what it's called.

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    From their blog/tumblr:

    Sadly Pathways is currently on hold due to lack of publisher interest and funding. We hope to be able to continue work soon and crowdfund the project.

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    Too bad, this game looks amazing. I would love for them to take my money
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    I see. That sucks. The art looks interesting, there's another game on OUYA similar to this art-story concept. It's pretty good. Hopefully the project will rise up again later.

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    Re: Pathways - Redifining Interactive Fiction (#myouyagame)

    I'd like to see them campaign this on Kickstarter. I'd definitely fund it.

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