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    Motrya - JSH Gaming

    Hi all you in OUYA land; I just released this game today on the OUYA store. (It's a 90s console-style RPG)


    Motrya started out in 2003 as an idea I had for a game about a wizard who couldn't use magic. He'd be able to read magic scrolls and all his friends could use spells, but he couldn't. From this idea, I created the world of Rieyath and a story about its three races, some gifted in the art of Forlae (magic) and some not. As of now, I have released the game with two of its eventual four chapters complete. There are presently about six hours of content.

    The main gameplay gimmick of Motrya is that every battle is challenging and significant, from the "generic" mobs of enemies to the important storyline battles. You may die in what appears to be a simple fight, but will have the chance to retry and use a different strategy. There are three difficulty levels for different kinds of players (I would recommend Veteran for most players here).


    It's the day of Murlor's graduation from Yormus Academy, a school that teaches its students the art of Forlae. He's been unable to use any of the techniques taught, and is very nervous about the final practical exam. However, Murlor soon learns that the practical should be the last of his worries, as a dark secret has been discovered that will not only explain his shortcomings, but affect the fate of everything he knows. With his goofy best friend Dayang and the brilliant, lovely Icebird at his side, Murlor must travel the world and find the secrets of the past before an evil menace can.

    Reasons you should play

    - Old school ATB-style battles with challenging enemies that encourage strategy
    - Simple equipment and statistics that will let you focus on what's really important
    - A fully-implemented card game played by most people in the world. Collect them all!
    - All-original graphics and soundtrack
    - A story with several dark twists and a sense of humor your dad would appreciate
    - Three difficulty levels to choose from

    If for whatever reason you'd rather play it on PC/MAC/Linux, the original version is here:

    Two more chapters of the game are upcoming, and the current version should last you 5-7 hours.


    Chapter 1

    Chapter 2 (Better trailer)

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    This really does look like an RPG from the old day's. What's the price? Looks awesome.

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    It's free on OUYA and PC

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    Free? Sweet!! I need to download this tonight. I'll have to put a sticky note on my chest so I won't forget.

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    The card game reminds me very much of Final Fantasy 8's card game.
    It looks very enjoyable, I'll try this out tonight!

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    Is it ps3 controller compatible?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Laimal-Convoy View Post
    Is it ps3 controller compatible?
    I haven't had a chance to test, but I am almost positive it is. Motrya uses the same backend engine as my own game, and my game works with PS3 controllers

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    Looks cool downloading

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    Downloading now

    Thanks, just make sure you finish this!

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    Is there a way to change the game's difficulty without having to start over? The intro is kinda long and I'd prefer to not have to go through it again.

    I didn't get very far but so far I'm really enjoying it. You've got some great dialogue and manage to create genuinely interesting characters early on, I'm really looking forward to seeing where it goes. Also; great job on the music!


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