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    Here is the thread detailing how to actually get Gamemaker studio to work with the OUYA control ->

    Also, I quicky wrote up a tutorial for getting JMonkey to work with OUYA (since there didn't seem to be one yet) ->
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    I've added Alternativa3D to the list. Anyone who uses AS3 would, imho, benefit from using this engine - unless you have a preference. I switched and you can get 60fps with physics! Which is not something that I could get previously with other engines + physics.

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    Not too long ago, I started a small database/wiki that has a collection of open source and/or free cross-platform game dev tools. Some of the tools already mentioned are there, but then there are some others as well. Still working on filling out information for each tool, but I got links and tags up for most everything.
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    Not sure if there planning on supporting OUYA specifically but the And Engine ( is a android gaming engine. 2D I believe and it has physics and stuff. This is probably what I'm going to end up using.

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    We're adding Ouya support into our App Game Kit

    Take a look at my demo video showing our system almost fully working;

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    Here's a link to ESPN's API developers section:

    ESPN Developer Center

    If someone is brave enough to make an ESPN app exclusively for the Ouya.
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    Hi, I just add some libraries for AS3 development using AIR SDK to this post:

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    Another Engine.

    Wave Engine- Free engine for Android,IOS and Windows desktop and Windows 8. Uses C#. Still in beta.

    Short video of the wave engine on Ouya.

    I did a search and didn't find any post about the Godot engine.

    The Godot engine is an open source engine for Windows and Linux and Mac. You can deploy your game with one click to iOS, Android,Pc,Mac,Linux,BB10 and,HTML5. The scripting language(GDscript) is similar t python.

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    Unreal Engine 4 runs on android. Not sure about OUYA...

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    Extremely surprised no-one has mentioned Construct 2 yet from Scirra. Sure this should be on that opening list.
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