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    Hello everyone! I'm a student who's planning on going into development when he's older so naturally upon hearing about this competition I went crazy with excitement.

    My entry it The Colour Bleeds, A dramatic grey scale story of a young boy, a prince, Who's home world was destroyed in a grand war against a vile and putrid race. Discover the secrets of the three ancient races: The Testronto - Masters of wisdom, The Galieoro - Masters of bravery, and The Confionno - Masters of power. Overcome your obstacles to defeat even the toughest of foe, And find out the truth as to why your father, King of the realm, Went missing during the war.

    Now go! Return colour to the multiverse!

    Sorry for the lack of details in this post, I've got a todo list the size of my arm, But the remainder of the details / The story in more depth is available here. I'd much appreciate some constructive criticism / suggestions, Whether it be by PM, Email, Or Twitter.

    Many thanks for your time - Lewisjs.

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    Ive also entered "Jake Renegade: Freedom Flight", a face paced dodging game. I've seen a similar game called "Space Runner" has one a dev kit, so i dont hold out too much hope, but here it is anyway!


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    Hunter the Game

    Hi everyone, we are Unleashed Games and we are currently working on Hunter a Game for Ouya.
    It is a mystical 3D Action Game with vampires, werewolves and more and you can follow us on

    Also you can help us win the Ouya Dev Kit.
    All you have to do is retweet this tweet:

    Ok back to topic.
    This is how it should look to you while playing it on a Tablet.

    And here a small teaser for one of the two characters. Keep in mind it´s still pre-alpha so many things
    still could and probably will change.

    Also you will experience a mystic adventure in our Game world.

    We are sorry we are not currently able to show you some Gameplay however we will inform you when
    we think it´s the right moment to show our Game to the Public.

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    Paradis Perdus (Lost Paradises)

    Paradis Perdus is a game about not belonging. You are the bad guy, you are killing everything you touch. The world you are in is beautiful and green, but the moment you get into it, you start infecting everything, and the world starts decaying, until it eventually ceases to exist. You can choose to exit the world, and then it will heal itself, but then you don’t get to enjoy it of course, because you’re not there any more.

    You can download the alpha version of the game for Windows, Mac and Linux right here:
    You can also listen to the music from the game there.

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    I will be developing a free OS called OuyaBuntu. OuyaBuntu takes the Ouya and turns it into a powerful fully featured PC that will run things such as office applications, video editing and photo manipulation programs, and even Windows programs with Wine. Go to and retweet my Ouya tweets to help the project! Ouya. The $99 PC.

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    I have been developing D3AD (formerly Deception) for a while now off and on. its graphics need a severe tune up, but the engine is good. The game centers around your chance to prevent a virus break out and your failure. You end up stuck surviving in the aftermath. I plan to add weapon crafting that allows basic materials found to generate the numerous weapons to be added. 15 are implemented, 13 playable. The gravity gun is very unstable. D3AD is PC only, but if I purchase the new edition of my coding software, OUYA porting is quite quick. Alpha/Base version: Thanks for the view.
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    Hello everyone we are announcing a new game called Gigi's Garden.It is an fun educational game for children that promotes healthy eating.
    Best described as a multiplayer board game experience for children and adults. The game was tons of unique features designed to help children learn basic things like colors,shapes,numbers and more!

    The players start off by rolling dice (shaking the device) to determine movement. They make there way around the board avoiding traps and playing mini games. We have quick QTE style interactions in place for the player to learn the concepts they will be tested on i can go on for longer but We have alot in store for this game please follow me on twitter ill be posting updates on there @ale_alejandro25

    i am a single father son is 2 and daughter 4. My daughter LOVES the prototype this is what compelled me into making this game. the initial idea was simply a quiz game for kids but with the help of amazing artists,writers and designers we all have added our creative energy to the point where we have got a gem on our hands! This game is going to be special! and we know it! The game is going to be released on tablet devices and we will be launching a Kickstarter campaign very soon to raise funds for the game. You can view the game here to see artwork and read about game play and story:

    We are a collection of young people. some of us are students some of us are recent grads. The goal in common is simply we want to make a great game. All we need is a chance. We want the be apart of the ouya launch! thanks for reading we hope you help us win a Dev console! follow and RT at @ale_alejandro25

    Uploaded with

    Uploaded with

    Uploaded with

    Uploaded with

    Uploaded with

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    Hi all.

    I am the creator for Dusty Revenge, a 2D side-scrolling beat'em up with unique support characters mechanics.

    We are not looking at porting this game to OUYA per se, but we are creating a spinoff. Multi-Player support, 2.5D, awesome graphics and tonnes of action!

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    Hello there!

    We're Tanoka Games and we've been working hard to get our first application on the market.

    Now, we have a very special project to be released on OUYA. For now it's called In Gauge Space and will fit perfectly this platform. It will be a shoot'em up in a 2+1 dimensions playing over differently shaped surfaces. The campaign will be driven by a multilineal story that will explore some concepts of modern physics quite difficult to understand without an interactive enviroment.

    more information here:

    and a couple of already playable development scenes here
    and here (this one quite an old one)

    rettwit for In Gauge Space !!

    but what are you waiting??
    TRY IT NOW!!

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    I'm a student and I just entered the contest by this tweet with game that my group and I have been developing!

    A roguelike game !!
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