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    I entered it, but guess it's hard to be popular
    Will tweet again, anyways!

    My game is Maze-a-holic. It's a 2D game with a The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past style, which means it's a tiled world but movement isn't restricted and you can move in any direction. It will have a maze editor which will make the best of the users and their brains and customizable textures for those designers out there! Mazes will be multilayered, which means there will be some decoration like vines or grids but it will let users create some hidden passages (oh, fun!). We could say it's somehow a "sandbox" game.
    Oh, one of the funny things! The game is starred by a cowboy olive! (why not?) This character is the main character in my previous Android game, and will be the main character for the next ones!

    The game is already under development and is about 80% finished in its first version for Android. It will be adapted to OUYA to be controlled with the joypad, and have some special stuff only for OUYA players! So OUYA will have its own tailored version of the game.
    The most important thing about the game, after the maze editor (which I bet it's the core of the game) will be its release model. Similar to Linux or Minecraft it will follow this phylosophy: "release fast and update frequently". This means the first version will have the minimal functionality, and frequent updates (fixed time, for example every 2 sundays) will be populating the game with new stuff. This stuff will go from coloured keys for coloured doors to iced floors or enemies! Even the Maze-a-holic's community will have something to say for future updates! (if any community!). One thing I can confirm: it will have achievements!

    I can't show you any trailer or gameplay since I'm still using dummy textures and audio from other games, but I hope this description helps you imagine it!

    I'm an IT student about to finish his studies, and I will be making this game for OUYA even if I don't get a DevKit (which will be the case, I guess). I'd want to be a game developer after all! I already pre-ordered my OUYA so it will be there ASAP (hopefully about a month after I receive it and begin developing!).

    Thanks for reading everybody! Keep the great ideas coming!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eddie K View Post
    For those of you who have entered the contest, do you still plan to develop these games for OUYA even if you don't get the free dev console? We'd love to add your games to the "confirmed games coming to OUYA" section on this forum.

    I do plan to develop "Notebook Blob" - even if I don't get an early dev kit.

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    We entered. We are developing an iOS game called "Space Qube" and we really want to port it to OUYA. I actually ordered one OUYA but I wouldn't be able to get it before April and the Dev Kit is too expensive for a small team like us so we want to get the eary dev kit to port the game as soon as possible. Here is the simple introduction of Space Qube :

    Space Qube is a voxel based retro shooting game which is going to hit iTunes store soon. The game is basically composed of two parts, game and workshop.

    Game Part
    The game is simple but fun, the players control the space ship, flying toilet(?) or anything that players created to shoot as many aliens as possible to get highest score. Of course there are some power-ups for the players to increase the weapon power, speed, etc. There are also variety bosses waiting ahead, destroy them to get higher score and rewards. There is no annoying virtual pad on the screen, the players just tilt the iPhone/iPad to control the space ship.

    Workshop Part
    The workshop contains a voxel model editor and browser. With browser, the players can browse through the voxel models they have created or the voxel models uploaded by other players. The players can also download, rate other player's voxel models, modify them then use them to play the game.

    For creation part, the players can create 16x16 or 32x32 size models on iPad but only 16x16 size models on iPhone/iPod due to the screen size. The way the players create a voxel model is actually editing layers, and those layers will be composed. There are couple of handy tools the players can use in the model editor. So now the players can just use their figure to create voxel model on iPhone/iPad, isn't it amazing?

    After creating the voxel model, the players can share them via the Internet, email or facebook. Our official website lists all the uploaded voxel models and anyone with browser can view the uploaded voxel model from PC/Mac or iPad/iPhone. Following are the editor tutorial picture and video which should help you to have the basic idea about how to use this incredible voxel editor.

    Here are some in-developing screenshots of the game!

    Official site
    Like us at
    Follow us at
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    I hope to develop a puzzle/adventure side-scrolling platformer, in which, a stick-man travels (walks, runs, jumps, and all the other stuff stick-men do...) through an imaginary world of weird sketches/paintings drawn with water color and a black-inked pen. He is striving to collect outfits which are hidden inside the maps. The game ends when the stick-man is fully suited up (including ties and watches and similar small, yet important things).However, the game has a sense of freedom, for you can continue through the levels/maps without collecting the needed outfits. Each level will contain different outfits, in fact, randomly chosen every time you play the game.

    Really looking forward to the OUYA!

    Boris Kudryavtsev. @BorisKud
    Just to inform you (if it matters), I am a young high school student.

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    Entered with FORCED

    We've been developing FORCED for almost two years and recently had a successful Kickstarter

    It's 1-4 player tactical co-op action. In short Left 4 Dead meets Diablo - indie style.

    As rock paper shotgun says: "Forced is certainly on to something. It’s compact, controlled and co-operative. And there are no magic pants."

    In FORCED you will play tactically alone or with your friends, with 4 different weapons that influences your combat style drastically.
    All the 20+ unique foes have special abilities and their own behaviors, like hiding or flanking.
    The game is carefully and manually balanced so all trials fit the number of players, and it's a challenging!

    The most unique feature is probably the spirit mentor, which every player can help control simultaneously and offers some interesting communication.

    FORCED would fit perfectly on Ouya as both local and multiplayer couch gaming.

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    Hi All

    I am working in conjunction with my brother to help get him a dev console. He has a portfolio site here and has just completed his Bachelor Degree in Games Design. We both use unity to develop our games (also have the license to publish to android) and I will be honest and say my brother is considerably better at coding with it than me. He has two main games he would like to develop for the Ouya.

    The first would be Shoot them Blimps! The alpha is available to play here. It requires the player to fly a plane and defend a carrier from waves of enemies consisting of blimps, other planes and ships. As you progress throught the difficulty increases with more enemies.

    The other is Cubed (working title) is a 3d puzzler based off the NES game Solstice though this game is not available on the site to play (it requires a wired controller) but if you check the home page you can see a glimps of the happenings for it. It is a series of rooms that require you to use certain block with differetn powers to overcome the puzzle and progress to the next room. Originally you start off with a static block but later you also gain a bouncy block, acid block and hover block.

    The game I posted was a work in progress and was a Western Dungeon crawler. It will be played in an isometric view with a 3d character and 2d atmosphere. It will have a static overworld that connects randomly generated dungeons. There are three classes alchemist, gunner and native. The alchemist has an medium ranged area of effect attack and has moderate health, the gunner has low health but a strong long range attack and the native is a high health strong melee attack. Rather than using xp like most dungeon crawlers this game your statistics will be based on what you wear. And the random dungeons will provide those items.

    If we do not get a dev console I'm pretty sure that Shoot Them Blimps will be available for the Ouya launch.

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    Cat'N Jack

    Hi all, I just entered last night and thought I'd share my game with you all, get some feedback.

    Cat'N Jack will be a 3D 3/4 view hack and slash puzzler game with some projectile weaponry as well. Here's the basic story line.

    "Jack, a savy naval Captain of the feline persuasion, must save his first mate Sophie from a band of rag tag Rat Pirates who've catnapped her after hearing that she knew the location of a secret treasure island. Get her back before it’s too late. "

    Jack sports a backpack of sorts (inventory), wooden sword, eyepatch and hat.

    weaponry will include
    - Mouse Shooter - Find or buy a mouse from one of the many shops throughout the game, along with cheese (ammo). Stuff your mouse's face with cheese until he's full and start squeezing. You'll be flinging pellets soon enough.
    - Wooden Sword - Simple wooden sword used for closer up combat when a mouse shooter just won't do.
    - Cork Gun - Steal one of these from the wharf rats and use it against them, very limited range.

    - Prizes/collectables - Each time you defeat a boss you'll get a prize, his hat! Wear different hats to give your character special abilities like strength, puzzle clues, who's carrying cheese, etc.

    - Environments - Start off in the jungle and make you're way into town, down the docks, onto the ship, below deck, jump through foating debris on the high seas, onto another ship, and finally onto a tropical island for the final big boss finally. Each level will be a 3D environment with tons of places to explore and things to find.

    In Game Test

    Some Images for you

    See more at

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    Chompy Chomp Chomp

    We entered #myouyagame with Chompy Chomp Chomp.

    We are the Utopian World of Sandwiches. A team of three, working from a shed at the bottom of a garden in Cambridge, England. We developed Chompy Chomp Chomp as a fun local multiplayer game for all sorts to play. The simple controls (one button and an analogue stick) enable pretty much anyone to pick it up and play with ease, while the power-ups and multipliers allow for further strategy to really scupper your opponents chances of victory!

    We've already had a successful launch on the Xbox Indie Marketplace. This is a game to be played around the TV with your mates, and what better way to show off your new console than having a fun multiplayer game to trounce everybody at?

    So in Chompy Chomp Chomp, each of you will play one of four different coloured Chompies (any shortfall will be handled by the computer). Underneath your Chompy is a coloured target which indicates what colour player you need to be chasing, but this target colour keeps changing as the round goes on so at any point the Chompy you're chasing could suddenly switch and they'll be chasing you! There are various power-ups which you can pick up throughout the round which will aid you as you play. For instance a teleport will get you out of a sticky situation, a slippy ice patch could send your pursuer spinning off in the wrong direction, or a bubble can be shot in front of you to catch the Chompy you are chasing. There are loads more and they all add to the frantic action.

    And here are some screenshots of a couple of levels we recently released as an update...

    A few quotes from some reviews...

    - 4/5
    An insanely fun and beautifully simple multiplayer game
    80 MSP for one of the best party games of this generation is a no-brainer
    Clearance Bin Review - 9/10
    A fantastic party game that begs to be pulled out numerous times
    Armless Octopus - 4/5
    Perfect to break out on game night
    The Xblig
    Chompy Chomp Chomp is an absolute blast to sample, a sublime arcade experience that really shines

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    I have entered!

    It's called Retribution. It will be a third person shooter/hack and slash game with just a touch of stealth. It follows the story of William Claxton; the son of a paranoid and very wealthy businessman whose paranoia becomes reality when the family mansion is attacked and he is killed. William then devotes his life to finding and bringing justice to those responsible and discovers how his father got mixed into such a business along the way(adds irony to the title).

    I am very excited about this game. The conspiracy and all those things that go into the plot and gameplay will be amazing. Just the thought of the mansion of a paranoid wealthy businessman(secret passageways and hidden weapons everywhere). I think it's also notable to say that there will be no foul language, sexual content, or unnecessary amounts of violence, as I have seen games of this genre ruined by it. It only serves to restrict the audience and distract from the plot in my opinion.

    As for my credentials, I have competed on the national level in computer animation and graphic design. I placed 13th in graphic design and then 9th in computer animation the following year. I am, for the most part, self-taught so I can't really point to education I have received other than I went to tech school for multimedia in high school and training DVDs I have gone through.

    I am very grateful for this opportunity to better develop games within the open source community and wish the best of luck to all those who have entered.


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