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    My brothers and I entered. We where planning on getting a dev. kit when they where offered but we couldn't get the funds together as all of us are broke college students.

    @Stephen_Neri: Our game is based off a board game that we created about 5 years ago. There are multiple areas for you to choose from ranging from open rocky/mountainous fiels (think Dragon Ball Z) from under water to demolished cities and even futuristic cities. Once a field is selected then you choose your characters (or the character can be chosen before the field selection) You play as a one person team. Meaning that you choose a team of characters rather than just on character that moves around the board. Once you have chosen your team your mission is to gather power ups and fight against your foes to control that area. The moving and battling systems are all card based. Meaning you have a set deck of cards that go along with your characters. When you are in range of a different enemy character you can battle them to try and defeat them so you have one less opponent to worry about or you can try and run for your life if you feel you will get defeated yourself. No 2 character decks will be the same and different characters will have different field advantages. During your play you will earn more cards to build your own deck that will allow you to defeat stronger foes. Our original game had 8 maps, 20 different characters, and over 100 different cards but we have so many more ideas that can triple the games content so that it would be a perfect video game. We would love to develop it for the OUYA as card based video games are one of our favorite games to play and we really believe we could do this right. We have a team of graphic designers, programmers, and creators to get the game underway (whom are all friends of ours that will be working for free). The game is called Field Masters: A Card Based Adventure Game to Rule the World. We would love to have everyone else enjoy it as much as we do.

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    You can use a regular 99$ OUYA console to develop games for it.
    Only one on our team backed the actual kickstarter, but I'm sure we will all get one eventually, especially since we're aiming for an OUYA exclusive release.

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    Quote Originally Posted by seiseki View Post
    You can use a regular 99$ OUYA console to develop games for it.
    I don't think that's entirely correct - the initial consoles available via the Kickstarter campaign with the $99 support will be Dev consoles, but to (pre)order one after the campaign is $800.

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    Nah he's right. Here's what they said on their blog:
    Of course, when the final consoles ship, EVERY OUYA will be a dev console. We told you that already. What we didn’t tell you was that the advance dev consoles you ordered are pretty special – you’ll know what I mean when you open yours. They’re rare drops.
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    By the way, we entered the contest with one of our most popular games, Knightmare Tower!

    The Flash version of the game has 6,362,445 views and 71,644,991 plays so far. It's also one of the 5 highest rated action games on (ever). We really think it would be a good fit for the Ouya, without mentioning that playing with a controller would be totally awesome!

    P.S. you can check out some past dev blog stuff about the game here
    We make games, you play games, how convenient!

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    Scary Robots in the Machine Forest is coming to OUYA when I get a system, sooner if I get a system from the tweets,. so yes I am in! I have some other games that will work very well on console controls, so those will be built for OUYA as well. I am actively working on Scary Robots now and building new mecha and missions quickly,. as well as more music and other art for it.

    for more info;

    Update: new bot design,. this one flies (like a jelly-fish from vectorLocust) and spawns the smaller flyer-bots,. sort of a boss type monster we could say, since it is so much larger than the others,. so far.

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    I entered under the twitter handle @Vorpal_Games here:

    Since June I've been working on an Android game called Rotation Station.


    Basic feature overview:

    It has an original core game mechanic, where you rotate the world 90° at a time and allow gravity to help you navigate to the ends of the level. It's coded in C# in Unity3D.

    There's going to be 162 main mode levels at release (already done), but I'm going to have 324 out asap.

    Each level has 3 goals on it. Finish the level in the fewest moves possible to get 3 stars, collect the orb on every level and get to the end, and kill yourself on every level. For doing these, you unlock bonus levels.

    It has 8 player multiplayer, which is like rotating x in a row but with loads of powerups (there are 16). There's also 10 types of obstacle to overcome in the single player.

    There's 9 worlds, each with its own theme (with its own music, palette and more importantly: obstacles and powerups), and each introduces a new feature every 6 levels that keeps the gameplay fresh, but everything is synoptic. It starts fairly easy, becomes extremely difficult by the end. I wanted to make an android game with an original idea for puzzle gamers, with true difficulty. Not just watered down casual gameplay.

    There's also 10 different characters who each have their own ability. They're essentially coded and the sprites are all done etc., I just haven't quite implemented them yet, but will do so in the next couple of weeks. (Been really busy with uni assignments since it's coming up to Christmas).

    It's going to have full achievement support etc, and if I can find a good leaderboard API for Android (which I think I may well have done), leaderboards too.

    I showcased it at Nottingham's Game City, it went down really well on the tablets, and even better on the screen. I implemented pad controls and it was played with a 360 controller. It's all in vector art so it runs in 1080p, so it was nice playing it 8 player on the 42".

    It's almost done, it'll be done soon. It'd be really nice to support the OUYA launch window though. My budget is completely 0 though - I make all my own sounds, music, art and code. The only thing I can afford to invest money in is all the horrendously expensive (for me as a student, anyway) licenses for Unity and becoming a developer, but I have money in the bank for that.

    It's my first game, but I really want it to go well so I can make this viable. I want to move onto much bigger and better things, but first I want to make this the best possible experience it could be, and cram it with features. I wouldn't release something I wouldn't love to play myself. And I've been a gamer all my life - I hold myself to it at a high standard. A year ago I couldn't code or do any art but I've self taught it because I really want to make something out of this.

    Obviously, with no games under my belt so far you can only tell by media I've released, but I'm going open beta soon, so if you email me I'll hit you up with a copy when it's ready for final testing. I've also had my dev blog featured a couple times on Gamasutra.

    So, yeah. I'd love this opportunity. I just hope I get judged on what I have to show for myself, rather than experience, as I'm a complete newcomer to the industry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by juicybeast View Post
    Nah he's right. Here's what they said on their blog:
    Thanks - that's what I had originally thought, but I saw the ODK for $800 and thought I was wrong

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    I enterred !
    My current first game, I'd like to make on Ouya :
    The Tweet :

    It's an oldschool FPS made in Raycasting for fun.
    Two new versions are planned, and eventualy another version on the OUYA .

    I think I will develop this even if I don't have a free devkit. Of course, it'll be more difficult but...

    Oh, and sorry for my english, I'm french

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    I entered two games I'm working on.

    The first is Snakes on a 2D Plane, a two-player twist on Snake with powerups like fireball, thunderwave, exponential growth, hyperwarp, and phantom snake that can combine in unique and emergent ways.

    The second is Super BeatDown Academy, a fighting game that uses jumps to power up your moves and takes place at a high school where the students learn how to fight.

    I was making these games as Ouya launch titles anyway - it would be awesome to get a devkit out of it.


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