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    The OUYA Dev Kit Giveaway - 10 Kits in 10 Days - Who Entered?

    Not sure if all of you have seen this so I thought I would post about it. I'm not really a developer so I won't be entering it.

    Anyhow here are the rules of the Giveaway as seen at:

    We’re thankful so many game developers have ordered an OUYA dev console – and so many more of you reached out to us about the wonderful games you have in the works.

    Still, some of you told us you’d have loved to get a developer kit – but they were just too expensive. (We agree, by the way. These early units cost much more to make. When we ship the $99 gamer-ready units, those will all be dev consoles, too.)

    But for now, we want to help some of you great developers out there who may not have been able to afford a dev console. And we want to get more of you making games ready for OUYA’s launch…

    So, starting December 10, we are going to give away one dev console every day for 10 days. (That’s a total of 10 consoles).

    To get one, you have to tell us about one game you want to make for OUYA. But, make it short. Tweet short.

    So, tweet out your game idea with the hashtag #myouyagame. We’ll pick some of our favorites and give 10 of you a dev console. We’ll base our choices on 100% scientific factors like:

    Our totally subjective opinions on how creative and wow-ee they are
    How popular they seem to be (from retweets, comments, etc.)
    Whether we believe you can make the game
    If you link to more info about your game (art, or a video, or whatever) we’ll try to check that out, too. We’ll weight things in favor of games we believe you might actually be able to make in time for OUYA’s launch.

    We will also save a few of these dev consoles for students, so no matter how experienced you are, share your game ideas…we know there’s a lot of craftsmanship between a game concept and a finished product. This little contest is our vote of confidence that you’ll get there.

    The sooner you get tweeting, the more your #myouyagame idea will have a chance to pick up steam. And you can enter as many times as you like…

    Get to it.
    I'm just wondering who here has entered, and what game it is you plan on making for the OUYA.

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    I entered

    Leroux -- an action platformer where players assume the role of Leroux, an up and coming inventor that faces challenges being the only woman in her field. Rival inventor Archie Heaton of Heaton Industries destroys her workshop and takes her blueprints/inventions. Enraged and determined to get her stuff back, Leroux storms the various Heaton Industries compounds looking to retrieve her inventions and show Archie Heaton what her inventions are capable of if put in the right hands.

    I've rewritten the base story several times, but ultimately it's about the struggles and challenges of being a woman in a male dominated industry and society. Everyone of all ages and genders should enjoy it Hopefully we'll have a kickstarter launched early february, but that depends on us nailing an art style. It's really difficult to decide on one at the moment, it has to be perfect and fit our art pipeline capabilities.

    This game will for sure be made and is currently staffed by only 3 people. It's currently my full time job (left BioWare to work on it at the end of August), and I have another programmer and an artist working part-time. The goal is to have 90 minutes of gameplay, which doesn't sound like a lot, but as a developer thats HUGE for just 3 of us.

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    I entered, I've had a game boiling in my head for a while. It's an RPG featuring swords, guns, magic, however the player wants to play, in a nice story about a peaceful island that goes to war.
    This is the wordpress site that I'll be working on today to present my ideas better.
    Also, thanks for the post. I wouldn't have known about this if I didn't browse through.

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    We're entering!

    click to see full

    Been in development for quite some time, but we've never bothered with a website or any kind of publicity attempts.
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    NinjaPVP is there too!

    NinjaPVP is a multiplayer action game with coop pvp battles. Featuring squared head ninjas =D

    Will be posting a playable alpha build soon today!

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    I've entered - @EdSmith has several projects I'd like to see on the Ouya Console, and I unfortunately missed the Ouya Kickstarter campaign contribution to get an early dev console kit.

    I've put some info up on The Kilted Coder blog and tweeted some concept photos, YouTube videos, and even an online concept demo.

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    For those of you who have entered the contest, do you still plan to develop these games for OUYA even if you don't get the free dev console? We'd love to add your games to the "confirmed games coming to OUYA" section on this forum.

    Be sure to follow on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & LinkedIn

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    @Eddie K: I'd love to see my Platformer Thunderpig: Trails of Grimlock on Ouya, but for an indie with bills to pay and mouths to feed, the $800 kit will be a long-range goal but yes - definitely!

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    @Eddie K: Same as Ed Smith being indie dev with bills and mouth to feed is not easy but definitely yes, Ill do whatever it takes to see in OUYA!


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