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    Splat for the OUYA by NJUN STUDIOS

    We would like to announce our start up game company NJUN STUDIOS.
    We fully support the Ouya and tentatively plan to release our 16-bit throwback game "Splat" this March!
    Splat was designed to have that retro 16-bit look and seems to capture it very well. Unfortunately we dont have loads of information for you at this time. However, the game is quite fun and hectic at the same time, with a "touch" of crude humor!

    Currently we are waiting on our two OUYA development kits to arrive so we can begin moving things over and testing on the real hardware and continuing development.

    We'll keep you posted with further updates and information as we make more progress!
    Here are a couple early screen shots:
    Twitter: @NJUN_STUDIOS

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    Very early beta of the game running in all its 16-bit goodness. You cant see the whole screen or interface yet- but that will be next time once we get a good video card!

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    Looks great! I'm looking forward to see this on OUYA. Any idea of the pricing?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eddie K View Post
    Looks great! I'm looking forward to see this on OUYA. Any idea of the pricing?
    Unfortunately we dont have a price set just yet. We are waiting to see how the pricing scale works out when the system launches and price accordingly as ouya does take about 30 percent of profits made each download. We obviously don't want to price too high and then again we dont want to sell ourselves very short and price way too low and not get something back in return for the work.

    We do have our release date targeted for launch day for ouya but, we'll see. Hopefully nothing un-expected happens or any slowdowns occur.

    On another note, we do have about 2 other projects that are in the works slowly for OUYA specifically as well. I cant comment on them yet but one is a 2d platformer/adventure and the other uses a 3d engine of sorts.


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