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    Bubblegum Pop (A Lighty Kid Production)

    NOTE: While in production, this game is titled "Project Bubblegum" also, pictures below are quick jpegs showing some "pre pre pre whatever" work lol!

    Platforms: Android OS, Ouya, maybe iOS

    Genre: Fighter Scroller (i.e. Streets of Rage)

    Synopsis: Brynn, a teenage girl has recently lost her scientist father due to a brutal a assassination. Not satisfied with the slow police investigation, she takes matters into her own hands. With the tech skills of her long time classmate and friend Peter, Brynn becomes Bubblegum Pop. In Bubblegum Pop players will beat down many baddies, watch Brynn navigate through her hero and school lives and use their investigation skills to find the truth about the murder of Brynn's father.





    Goals for the project

    1 - Find more funding

    2 - Demo release somewhere between Mid September - late October 2012

    3 - Create a dedicate development team for the push to final release

    4 - Android OS release by Q2 2013 with Ouya Release before Q3

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    You can now find the official Facebook page, here.

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    I just posted new pictures from my project, "Bubblegum Pop".


    There is also a ongoing poll on the official Bubblegum Pop Facebook page. Please give me your input!


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    These links aren't loading for me. Can you post the entire link?


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