The OUYA Game of the Week is a way that game developers can easily promote a game they have in the OUYA Store. Each week we will feature a new game, and the developer may even put that game on sale.

The game of the week will be the game that we ask everyone on OUYAForum to download, play and provide feedback to the developer on.

This game will be advertised via our social networks, and the entire OUYAForum community is expected to try and participate, by downloading and playing it.

If you are interested in featuring your game as the OUYA Game of the Week, then please visit the "Game of the Week Application" subfolder for more details. You must have OUYA Developer status on this forum in order to see the subfolder. If you need dev status, please send me a private message.

(note: the OUYA Game of the Week is a paid advertisement option - more details in the Game of the Week Application subfolder)