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    Mupen64Plus AE (N64 Emulator) - Pauls Code

    I started a similar thread to this on my forum, but thought I would get everyone's perspective here as well. I've been working on an Android port of Mupen64Plus (an open-source Nintendo 64 emulator) for the past couple years, and have published a Beta version on Google Play. It is still pretty rough and definitely a work in progress, but lots of games are playable at this point. Would there be any interest in me porting this to the OUYA? Specifically, would there be a lot of people willing to test the emulator, and developers willing to work on the source code?

    Now the first obvious consideration is that the GUI would need significant changes, since this is not a touch-screen device, but rather it is interfaced like any console, through game controllers. Supporting an interface like this might be a good thing even for the Android project, though, because Android is installed on all types of hardware (and this diversity will only continue to expand in the future).

    Secondly, I haven't confirmed if the OUYA SDK also has an NDK counterpart, or if it can link with libraries built with the Android NDK (I would assume one or both of these are possible, but need confirmation). This of course would be essential, since the emulator itself is written in native C/ C++.

    I also don't know if the OUYA is built with GLES2 (probably) or normal OpenGL (we do have plug-ins for both, though). I know the CPU is the Tegra 3, so we'd be using Ari64's dynarec of course, just like the Android port.

    One final issue is I doubt the OUYA comes with a native SDL library installed (and the Android port would most likely not work out-of-the-box for it). On the other hand, I am going to remove the SDL requirement from Mupen64Plus AE, so this isn't really a game-ender like it might sound at first.

    So what does everyone think? Would adding support for the OUYA be a good idea at this point, or should our focus be only on improving the Android version we have now to eventually get it to a level of compatibility where we can say we've officially progressed past the Beta testing phase? One thought I had is that having support for OUYA built into our source code repository might bring new developers from the OUYA community on board which would have a positive impact on the emulator overall (but maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part!)

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    Man! This is such great news. Zelda: OOT, here I come!! I mean...cough...commercial roms, here I come.

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    Epic nostalgia is imminent!!!

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    Star fox, super smash bros. and Zelda ! Awesome !

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    Sounds great.I wouldn't mind checking it when I get an OUYA system and see how good the frame rate can be.

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    Anyone remember the Rareware gem Jet Force Gemini? Would love to play that again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alucard Blades View Post
    Anyone remember the Rareware gem Jet Force Gemini? Would love to play that again.
    I do, and I too would love to be able to play that game again
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    super nintendo and n64 emulator for me are enought!! i don't think i will need any other game


    you MUST code a version also for OUYA!!

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    I'd love to have a N64 emulator avalibe for the OUYA, and I would gladly help out with testing and such in any way I can, if needed.
    The fact that it's an open-source project makes it even more awesome.

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    I just purchased a N7 two days ago. Downloaded the Mupen64 app last night and have been having a blast. I'm also an early adopter of OUYA purchasing the system and 4 controllers on Kickstarter. I immediately came to this forum to post my idea of someone putting a Nintendo 64 emulator on OUYA because the reason I really love N64 is the four player games. Please do put Mupen64 on OUYA. I would love to once again play Mariokart and super smash bros and GoldenEye 007 with my friends. I have the system its just a pain to bring it all out. I would love it being available in my OUYA!
    I'm no programmer but let me know if I can help. I'll test and spread the word. Anything I can do.
    Thank you for Mupen64. I am loving it.

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