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    One click root apk

    There is a android apk that roots your Ouya it's on xda forum

    Just saying..

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    very nice...

    ah the joys of new hardware, a month from now they will all be saying "Really you needed a computer to root your OUYA back then?"

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    Re: One click root apk

    Welp time to let the noobs in.

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    How to Amazon Appstore

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    I was going to get around to rooting it, but I haven't had the time to really dedicate to it. Now I don't have to do the hard work.


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    Pretty excited for this, can't wait to use it.

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    Im going to try it right now!

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    Works beautifully, takes longer to download than it does to root.

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    Yep trying to get the Play Store

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    very very great, test it tonight, thanks for this info...


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