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    I thought I really wanted open launcher too until I tried it. It's alright but it's made for GTV, at least on the versions I tried you can't change the background because it's built to overlap the video source and ouya doesn't have one so most of the screen is blank and wasted. Did you find a fix for that?

    Have you tried TVlauncher and Smart launcher pro? Both are great launchers for the ouya but in my eyes TVlauncher is the best. Everything works with the ouya or PS3 controller and like the name says it was built for TVs and not just GTVs.
    fireballs, are you able to rearrange and delete tiles using TVlauncher?

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    I put a post up on the XDA forums - I installed OpenLauncher and loved it, apart from a few design aesthetics, so I just decompiled the .apk and done some editing. Here's the link to the XDA post (I'm under a different username on there), the photo attached to the post is a bit rubbish as I took it with my phone sitting in front of the TV, but it kinda shows what I've done so far.


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