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This is a new update for sure. It is the merged play and ouya version. It includes all of the play updates as well as translations, etc. I honestly can't remember if the ouya version had all of the additional emulator options on this one (not new consoles, new emulators)

I am also working on a new version right now. The configuration menu is half re-vamped. I ran into a wall that kind of put me off of development for a bit. I painted myself into a corner with the current config menu layout and design. There was no way to add any extra bits like console order or per console wallpaper settings. It should allow for substantially easier updates to the overall configuration. Im also working on finally getting a better hashing method added so that larger roms like PS1 ISOs dont take an eternity to fetch. The config menu is likely the only visible change that will be in the next update though. On the plus side, you can now use the play store version on the ouya so I can deploy to the play store and here at the same time.
I was first confused with the version number, because I didn't realize .37 higher than the .9 in your post signature. Thank you for your work!