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    Hej, Zam!
    I have sent two emails but I think you have not seen them...

    Question: where can I find the latest version?
    I want to update mine on OUYA, via sideloading.
    Is it possible?

    (I have bought the official version on OUYA store back in 2016)


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    Hi all,

    Now just a few months later, are there any updates on this thread?

    @Dra6onfire, if I've read it well, there's something to do with the distribution of the latest update of Nostalgia to/from the Ouya store?
    If I may leave a tip/suggestion, is sharing the APK-file (as you did once before with update 2.5.11 as post-attachment) an option? At least for those reading this thead/post, and if I'm not wrong, they surely know how to sideload the APK's on their OUYA's.
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    Hm. I use it a lot on the Shield, but I can't tell if the updated apk from Google Play works on the OUYA. Maybe it works only in demo mode, when you don't have Google Play running on your OUYA.
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    Hello all!
    Finally we have movement on this topic!

    I really really would love to have a way to download directly the .APK without the need of Google Play Store.
    I don't have it on OUYA and really don't plan to add.

    Is there a way to download the .APK via web browser from some URL, Zamastyle?



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