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    Valiant Hearts works with the OUYA controller.
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    gonna try that out thanks NZ
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    Yesterday I tried from Amazon App Shop the game "Minion Rush". I read that the new version was compatible with Fire TV gamepad so I wanted to give it a try.

    The game is installing, then I launch it and the main screen appears, finaly it says it must download datas. But after a few seconds it says it can't download the required datas.

    Does somebody know how to bypass it or how to fix this problem? It is a gameloft game. If not, this means that this game is not working on Ouya.

    Thanks a lot

    best regards

    Yesterday I tried to sideload several games :
    (Those games were downloaded from Google Play via Evozy)

    Run Sackbioy! Run! : Not Working (freeze at launch)

    Ratchet and Clank: BTN : Not Working (freeze at the "Sony Computer Entertainment" screen)

    Baseball (by senca) : Launching , when you press a buton the player moves the bat, but you can't move the hitting zone cursor.

    CarX Drift Racing (Lite and Full version) : Not Working (some error messages related to google play appear, will try this evening with patched versions I made to remove the google play dependency)

    Edit : Tested the patched apps, they are Not Working
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    Super Bunny World works perfectly on OUYA.

    EDIT: Space Trooper USA works perfectly on OUYA.

    EDIT: Sword of Xolan: works perfectly on OUYA.

    EDIT: stratO works perfectly on OUYA.

    EDIT: Slayin' works perfectly on OUYA.
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