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    have a retrolink usb NES controller. REALLY want it to work with my OUYA, thought you could just plug it in Anybody know how to help?

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    I haven't tried the NES one, but people have reported that the SNES one works. The N64 one doesn't. Basically, the controller (any controller) has to be supported both by the Android kernel OUYA is using, and also by the app/game you are running. In most emulators, if the controller is supported in the kernel, you will still probably need to go into the settings and map the controls.

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    i have my ouya since yesterday. I have purchased nostalgia as one of my first steps!
    One of the installed emulators is neo.emu and when I try to launch some games i get back to nostalgia after seeing a short black screen with a yellow font in the lower part!
    The Bios files are copied to the rom folder. Maybe i should set up the bios anywhere? Can someone help me?

    Another Problem is: when I using the interactive fetching, I have afterwards the rom cover two times in the list! one is launchable the other not. Same Issue with genesis and snes.

    I am missing a favorites function! when I use emu launchers on wii there was an function to check some roms as favorites to find them fast? Is that featere planned? or did I overseen it?


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    Try loading the emulator and playing the game direct then go back to nostalgia and try it.I had that same issue with the Nintendo ds emulator that works with it works great.

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    /subscribing (:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ninku View Post
    Try loading the emulator and playing the game direct then go back to nostalgia and try it.I had that same issue with the Nintendo ds emulator that works with it works great.

    i think that are the roms! theese roms are mvs format and its not supportet!
    Tahnk you!

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    Ok, amazing idea for an app, however none of my roms are properly showing up, my copy of "D" for the playstation is showing up as "3D World Runner" and Sonic Adventure is showing up as Koko Adventure and both for the NES and any attempt to go into Interactive Fetch is proving useless

    Lets say I have a copy of Shenmue on my Ouya as file ShenD1.cdi, how can I tell this program that the game is infact Shenmue for the Dreamcast and too treat is as such

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    Can you add support for the non + version of SNES9x EX? I've found it has better compatibility with some roms but Nostalgia won't see it in the settings menu even though I have it sideloaded and it appears in the emulators list.

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    I'm having an issue little issue with the way this app stores metadata. My games are stored on a CIFS share which is mounted with read and write permissions but for some reason Nostalgia still stores all of the .info files and .jpgs locally. This wouldn't be a huge issue except the games don't show up unless I copy all the local .info files to my CIFS share and then rescrape the .info files. I know that I have write permissions because I'm easily able to copy to the share with a file explorer so why is this happening? Can it be fixed so that it will scrape directly onto the CIFS share?

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    Looks like I have been missing posts in this thread. Sorry about that
    I think we sorted out your issues on the other thread but just in case:
    The main fetcher will do terribly with names like that but once you have data fetched, you can use the interactive fetch to find the proper titles. It wouodnbe impossible for me to automate the fetching of titles with names like the one you provided. Im just not that good.

    I will try. If the intent is available, I dont see why not.

    You are dealing with a bug that I am working on fixing in the google play port. Ill need to fix it here as well. The real issue is that I, being the short sighted coder that I am, only accounted for storage options that include the usbdrive mount and the internal sd. I will get that situation sorted out.


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