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    Nostalgia FAQ & Help

    To return to Nostalgia from this page, press the A button

    This thread is the official help page for the Nostalgia application for Ouya and will be kept current as changes are made to the application. Please respond by email if you feel it needs an update

    What is Nostalgia?
    Nostalgia is an user interface application for launching games on emulators. It is not an emulator itself, it is simply an interface to make emulation on the Ouya more seamless. There are no games or emulators packaged with Nostalgia.
    Author: dra6onfire

    Change Log:
    Change log for Nostalgia v2.4
    • Stability Stability Stability (hopefully)
    • Reduced menu lag and draw time
    • Rewrote main fetcher for accuracy and speed
    • Rewrote interactive fetch backend
    • Wrote systems independent objects
    • Wrote menus as an independent object
    • Threading and loading screens added to fix timeouts
    • Fixed deadlock on file writes
    • Added "all systems" fetch options
    • Fixed button press timeout issue
    • Added favorite flag
    • Added completed flag
    • Added new sort options
    • Changed summary font
    • Re-wrote stacking and sorting backend
    • Added supergnes (ouya version is broken atm)
    • Misc updates and fixes

    Change log for Nostalgia v2.3
    • Added Lynx
    • Added Wonderswan and Wonderswan Color
    • Added new cover source
    • Updated main fetcher for accuracy
    • Added titles to games with no cover
    • Updated Reicast intent
    • Added cover overlay in prep for customization
    • Bug fix for odd stacking after interactive fetch
    • Bug fix for crash when deleting system caches
    • Misc bug fixes

    Change log for Nostalgia v2.2
    • Fixed bug affected roms in internal storage
    • Fixed bug allowing menu options that shouldn't be accessible from search results
    • Added a lock to prevent unwanted changes from other users
    • Added loading bar in splash screen for users with slow internet connections
    •Support for most Retroarch emulators
    •Support for Reicast (Dreamcast emulator)
    •Support for Drastic (DS emulator)
    •Support for PPSSPP (PSP emulator)
    •Added a new game specific options menu
    •Added a new filtering mechanism. Now you can ignore and restore files by extension
    •Updated the interactive fetch to give users more control over which game is selected
    •Added option to ignore extensions before a fetch
    •Added delete cover option to the delete options
    •Re-Ordered the options left in the Y-Menu
    •Added a wait screen for newly threaded long processes. This should fix some crashes
    •Added sort options (alphabetical, missing covers last, etc)
    •Added option to hide apps in the ouya menu
    •Fixed search failures associated with numbered games
    •Added a lookup for Neo Geo and MAME games so they are searched by the real title
    •Added individual configs for each Retroarch emulator. Setting will only apply to the current emulator
    •Other miscellaneous bug fixes and small changes changes

    Change log for Nostalgia v2.1
    •Support for most of the .EMU emulators
    •Larger cover art
    •Loading screen (kills some crashes)
    •Loads to first system in your system menu instead of the ouya games menu
    •Resumes same menu position when returning to nostalgia after leaving an emulator
    •The system menu is in a standard order
    •Added several rules to the fetch ignore policy
    •Interactive fetch now fetches cover art as well

    Change log for Nostalgia v2.0
    •Bug fix for crashing config menu
    •Updated graphics handling for menus when screen is scaled
    •New system selection menu on left side
    •Duplicate Games are Stacked
    •New Y-menu for most options
    •Interactive fetch
    •Delete Option
    •Custom wallpaper selector
    •Screen adjustment for overscan
    •Search Feature
    •Completely new design by Xanxic
    •Ouya game tiles now show
    •Lots of other small changes

    Change log for Nostalgia v1.6
    •Added controller compatibility for PS3 and XBOX 360 controllers
    •Fixed bug that would cause crash when switching between systems
    •Fixed the fetch missing covers option to work properly
    •Repaired one of the datasource fetchers because the source changed
    •Modified app to write to internal storage if it can't write to USB (for NTFS partitioned storage devices)

    Change log for Nostalgia v1.5
    •Added support for Mupen64 Plus AE
    •New background design from Xanxic
    •Titles for each system section
    •A splash screen that actually says Nostalgia
    •Manual metadata entry
    •Recursive folder search option
    •Better psx image handling
    •Better fetching options
    -Update from local metadata
    -Fetch Missing data only
    -Re-fetch everything
    •Ouya game descriptions are populated
    •Better caching for covers to make the menus more responsive
    •Metadata files and game covers are stored with games
    •Various Bug fixes
    Demo Mode Quick Info:
    • You will only see configuration settings for compatible emulators that are installed, that is how the app works.
    • In demo mode you may choose only one game system to be able to launch games directly on.
    • Once that system is chosen, the application will have to be uninstalled and reinstalled to be able to choose a different system.
    • You may select game directories for all systems and fetch the data so that you can see how the app will look and feel before you purchase it.
    Purchased Mode Quick Info:

    • You will still only see configuration settings for compatible emulators that are installed.
    • All of your configurations in demo mode will be sustained after purchase.

    What emulators are compatible today?
    •Mupen64 Plus AE
    •MD.EMU (no gamegear)
    •SNES9x EX+
    •ePSXe (If it works. You may need the play store installed)
    •MSX.EMU (colecovision)
    •Reicast (Latest test build of their app works)
    •SuperGnes(Ouya version is broken but once its fixed ...)
    •Drastic (If it works. You may need the play store installed)
    •PPSSPP (download latest dev build from their site. The current release build doesn't have the code Nostalgia uses)
    What emulators are coming?
    • Next release will add msx support from msx.emu
    What emulators are NOT coming?
    • mame4droid (The dev has declined to add the intents citing too much dependency on the internal rom manager)
    Dude. Do you even remember version 1? Give me at least a smidgen of credit here. BUT as always, I am still developing Nostalgia. Expect enhancements! Please send me emails explaining what features you would like to see and if it is a reasonable request, I will consider it. Alternatively, drop a suggestion on the issue tracker so others can wwigh in on it as well:
    Can I hide apps and games from the ouya app menu? I don't want my wife/son/husband/friend/daughter/neighbor kid opening advanced settings
    Yes You Can! In the Ouya menu, the R3 button will open a menu that shows a list of all of the items in that menu. Here you can toggle apps on and off with the only real limitation being that it won't let you hide all of them (I know you were thinking it). I will add a way to hide the ouya app menu at some point but we aren't there yet.
    Why isn't emulator x working?
    This one can be tricky. In most cases, an emulator isn't working it is because the BIOS aren't set up properly. For retroarch, the BIOS are expected to be in the same folders as the roms. If they aren't you need to edit the retroarch config file in the system directory inside the nostalgia folder on the internal sd card. Its as simple as opening the correct .cfg file in a text editor and changing the system directory value to match the folder that you want to keep the bios in.

    Other emulators need the bios set up in the emulator itself before you try to run games from Nostalgia. Reicast is an example of that. Another problem with reicast at the moment is that anything above r5 won't work from Nostalgia. I have an email out to the dev about that but no response yet.

    There are plenty of resources out there for what bios file an emulator needs and what it needs to be named.

    Another reported issue is problems with CD games caused by running bin files instead of cue files. Cue files are small but important files because they are essentially a lookup table telling the emulator where to find different resources like music tracks among other things. If you rename a cue file, you have two options to keep it working properly. Number one would be to not rename the bin file. Option number two is to open the cue file in a text editor and rename the line listing the bin file to match what you renamed it to. If you forget to do one of these your cue files won't have a bin file to run and won't work. Its a good idea if you want to make sure to run cue files, to filter the bin extension to make sure that only cue files are left.

    I have seen a few reported instances of people having all kinds of issues with an emulator that gets resolved by a simple uninstall and reinstall of the emulator. It shouldn't happen but apparently firmware updates can have this effect.
    Can I keep multiple systems roms in the same directory? Like genesis and game gear for example?
    As of 2.2 yes you can in some cases. I don't recommend it BUT if you are going to do it, here's how. When you are fetching for a specific system, you need to filter out every file extension EXCEPT for the extension that applies to the roms you want this system to run. This works for mixing systems like gbc and gba since they have different extensions and each system will ignore the other. Exceptions to this capability are systems using zips and systems using cd images. There is no way to tell quickly what system a .zip belongs to and nostalgia works based off of file name, not zipped file name. CD images have the same problem because most systems CD images can be ripped to any number of standard formats. Like I said, I don't recommend it and your mileage may vary but it is possible to make most rom sets play nice in the same directory now.
    I saw a video that showed gameplay with some really cool borders. Where can I get those?
    Those are actually custom borders for retroarch that Amigajay created himself. If you are using retroarch and want to use them, he has provided them as well as a setup guide here:
    In the configure menu, what does this Y button prompt do?
    That will delete a game system cache file. It doesn't delete any fetched metadata but it will remove a system from your list of systems in the main menu. If you do it accidentally or want to get one back, all you need to do is run a fetch to refresh from local metadata files and you will be back in business.
    Can you please explain this delete thing?
    Pretty simple actually. You highlight a game and select delete from the game actions menu (press R3). It will give you three options. Delete metadata will effectively hide this file from the menu until the next time you run a fetch (a fetch, not a refresh) from the config menu. If it is a file you want to keep around but don't want to see in the game menu, delete metadata is your friend. Delete metadata and file does exactly what it says it does. It will delete the metadata Nostalgia created for you as well as your file that Nostalgia seems to think is a game. There is no coming back from this so use it wisely and don't brush past the delete confirmation dialog. Delete cover is just there in case a wierd cover gets fetched and you just want it to go away.
    What is toggle stacking for?
    Potentially a lot of things. If you just don't like the games stacked you can hit the toggle stack option in the Y-menu and it will unstack the roms for the system you are in and they will stay that way until you either restack or run a fetch/refresh. The more important uses of this feature come into play when my app just did a crappy job of fetching your game data and all of your pokemon games are listed as duplicates of Pokemon Blue Version. There's not much you can do to fix those games with them stacked together like that. So you unstack, fix each rom individually with delete or interactive fetch and then restack. Bam! Rom problems fixed.
    Where did some of the Y-Menu options go??
    If you look in the bottom left corner you will see a new R3 prompt. R3 is the click sound you hear when you press straight down on the right analog stick. This will bring up the Game Action Menu. I moved options that apply directly to the game you have highlighted to this menu. The only exception to that rule is the restore file extension option and that one is in there because it made more sense to put it with the ignore options rather than in the System options.
    What is this interactive fetch thingy?
    It is my latest attempt at letting you be a little more in control of how troublesome games are fetched. Once you have run a complete fetch from the config menu, you can highlight a game that was fetched incorrectly and choose interactive fetch from the Y-menu. This will let you type in words in the title and try to find the game you are looking for. It will pre-populate the game name or filename and you can change it if you would like. Then after the search it will return the top search results from that name and you select the one you want. Its that simple.
    What do you mean sort list?
    Some users were looking for a way to hide games that they hadn't gotten covers for yet. Some users were looking for a way to put the games with no covers at the top of the list to make fetching them easier. Some users were just being difficult and wanted the list sorted by the type of ice cream that pairs best with a particular game. Obviously I skipped that last one but the others are now there to sort a game list in a couple of ways. If you have a reasonable type of sort you would like to see added shoot me an email and we can discuss it.
    Can I set a game as a favorite?
    Finally, yes you can. In the game actions menu (R3) you can toggle favorite or completed for any game. This will set a flag to show an icon on the game cover. A check mark for complete and a star for favorite. I created them for favorites and completed games but really they can mean whatever you want them to mean. And there are sort options for them as well. Take a look around and see what you like.
    My favorites and completed icons all dissappeared!! Where did they go?
    Chances are there is a bug in my system somewhere. Sort or stack your roms and they should come back. I'm working on this one.
    What do the new fetching options mean?
    There are now 6 options instead of three. The same three options as before and then a new version of each of them that does the same but for all systems with a valid rom path. Now you should be able to set all the rom paths, start a fetch and let it go through all of your systems. Below I will describe the main three. THe all systems options are the same but for all systems with a valid rom path set.

    • Refresh From Metadata Files
    ----- This option simply looks at your rom directory and re-caches all of the metadata from the .info files that are already there. This is useful in a few cases. If for some reason you find yourself without the Nostalgia directory but all of your metadata has already been fetched, you can choose this option and get all of your menu data back. If you went to a friends house and wanted to use your roms on USB with his/her ouya, you could install Nostalgia and very quickly populate the menus with this option. This also allows you to make manual changes to the .info files and then have those changes reflected in the menus. For instance if you weren't happy with a fetched title, you could change it in the .info file and the use this option to get that updated info into the menu cache.

    • Fetch Missing Metadata
    ----- This option boils down to "only fetch new information". It will only search for metadata and covers that are missing. If a rom has a .info file and a .jpg file, it will be ignored by this option. This option is useful if you want to completely refetch a single title because it was named funny and got fetched as the wrong game. Just delete the .info and .jpg for that rom, rename the rom file and use this option to refetch that data. This is also useful if you added data to If you updated a titles data there, you could follow the same steps but without renaming the rom and pull the new metadata you provided on the site. This option is also used if you add new roms to your collection. WAAAAAAAY faster than fetching everything every time like in version 1.0.

    • Ignore Metadata and Fetch Everything
    ----- Speak of the devil ... This is essentially exactly the same as the version 1.0 fetcher. Every time you run this, it will fetch the data and cover for every title in your collection. This is what you want to do if it is your first full fetch of metadata. I'm not certain what other times you would want to do this but I'm sure it will come up at some point. Just remember, this one takes a very very long time for large rom sets.
    You added retroarch, but none of the emulators use the settings I set in retroarch! What up with that?
    This one is fun and has it's pros and cons. I generate a unique retroarch config file for each system you use with Nosatalgia. This allows you to set unique configurations for each system BUT it also means that the main retroarch config file that gets used when you use retroarch by itself won't be used. I made this choice for a couple of reasons. Number one, the retroarch config file is stored in a protected storage location that can't be modified without root and I don't expect everyone to have rooted Ouyas. And number 2, retroarch doesn't respect the rom directory being used when being launched from Nostalgia. Whatever the last system directory that was set in retroarch would be used forever until you opened retroarch itself again. So, each system has its own retroarch config in /sdcard0/nostalgia/<system name>. For the time being if you want to set alternate system directories for bios files, you will probably have to do it manually which would be the con I talked about before but I will add code to set that in the future.
    Where is Nostalgia storing the metadata?
    As of version 1.5 the cover images and the .info files that store the game details are stored with the roms and named the same as the roms. They are stored there because the ouya has limited storage and I wanted to allow users to offload the storage requirements to USB. This also allows users to grab the USB device with their roms and jump on a pc and start editing metadata manually. This is especially useful for games that aren't in the sources and foreign titles that aren't fetched properly.
    EDIT If your drive is not writable by the ouya, your metadata will be saved in the Nostalgia directory on the sdcard in the same folder structure as the roms exist on your USB storage device
    What do I do if a certain kind of file (like a save file) is getting added to my menu as a game?
    Troublesome file extensions should be a thing of the past now. Every time you do a fetch now, you will be presented with a list of file extensions that are in your rom directory. You can toggle each of these on and off with the O button (obviously crossed out is ignored). The extensions you ignore here will be ignored for that system only. You can also ignore a file extension in the Game Actions Menu (R3). In this menu you can either ignore a file extension or restore an extension you want to bring back. The only cases you will have trouble with now will be those that have the same extensions as your roms. In those cases, I would recommend just deleting the metadata for that file to get it out of your list.
    Where can I get the "oid" emulators? They aren't in the ouya store.
    Actually they aren't in any store anymore. They were pulled from the play store back before it was even called the play store. Fortunately they still exist in a few places around the web. This link should have all of them in a zip file: Oid Emulator zip

    I have been informed that this does not contain the latest version of n64oid and some people prefer that over more recent options so you may have to search the web a bit for that one. I believe the version is 2.7
    Nostalgia's UI looks super classy! Who did it?
    That would be Xanxic of ouyaforum infamy. He is a very talented designer and has elected to help me out with this
    Why aren't my games that are in subfolders showing as subsections in the menu??
    I elected to go with game stacking instead for the time being. I will likely implement features like this and favorite lists in the future.
    Why don't all of my games have metadata and why are some of them wrong?
    I use a pretty crazy algorithm between two different data sources to try to sort out exactly what games you have and give them metadata. This algorithm is entirely dependent on your game existing in the data sources. If your games are not coming back correctly, check to see if your game has an entry. This site is crowd sourced so if it doesn't have your game, feel free to add it but please follow the rules to make sure the data stays clean. If your game is there, check to make sure your game is named correctly. I don't allow for a lot of error so take a look at some examples below:
    These are fake game names just to illustrate the points:

    • Capitalization never matters. I search for your games in all lower case so if you want to name your game aLl CrAzY LiKe tHiS, you go right ahead. This applies to all rules below.
    • Rom renamers and organizers add info in parenthesis and brackets to define specific data about a rom. Nostalgia will strip any data in [brackets] or (parenthesis) before searching for your game so you can leave that type of data in your file names.
    "adventure awesome most epic" will very likely resolve to "The Most Amazingly Awesome and Epic Adventure Story of All Time" but "mostawesome epic adventure" may or may not. Because mostawesome will never match a word, you are now dependent on the correct game being identified based solely on "epic adventure" which may match any number of games.
    • As you can see, order doesn't matter. Content does. If you have the core unique words in the title and they are spelled correctly, your game will likely be found.
    • Along the same lines as above, more than one word that is not in the real title will cause the search to fail as well as multiple misspellings. In general, the algorithm can handle you hosing up one word
    Super Jump: Bounce the House! will not resolve to SJ: Bounce the House. In this case, Super and Jump are two words not found in the real title.
    "HCTIAAG" will never resolve to "Holy Cow This Is An Awesome Game". Acronyms are out
    • For multi-disc games, adding "Disk" or "Disc" in the format "Disk1" or "Disk 1" is acceptable, this addition will be excluded in the search and your games should be found
    Why don't the "oid" emulators (except n64oid) let me use the exit menu?
    Why are you still using these? Don't you see all the awesome compatible emulators I posted above? To answer your question though, I have no freaking Idea. That menu should be usable. My best guess is that somehow that menu doesn't have focus so Ouya can't interact with it.
    Why doesn't my Ouya return to Nostalgia when I double tap the Ouya button?
    This is because double tapping the Ouya button returns you to the launcher, which Nostalgia is not. I am building a launcher version but there isn't one yet.
    My single emulator runs multiple systems. Why can't I use all of those in demo mode?
    Demo mode only allows for launching games on one system regardless of how many other systems an emulator may support. The reason for this mostly revolves around the fact that Nostalgia is entirely centered around systems and not emulators. I don't intend to modify this because as it stands, demo mode serves it purpose: You can see all of your menus populated and test out unlimited game launches on one system.
    I want to edit my metadata. How can I do that? What is the .info file format?
    Nostalgia's info file format:

    • The comment section is completely optional. You can change it as you see fit or delete it entirely

    • These fields are required to be in the xml but can be left blank. There are not real requirements as to the format of the text in these fields but I suggest being brief for it to look good on screen
    <entry key="game_publisher"></entry>
    <entry key="game_developer"></entry>
    <entry key="game_release_date"></entry>

    • The timePlayed field is not currently used but is read so leave it as zero: <entry key="timePlayed">0</entry>

    • The system entry determins a lot about how the rom is displayed and what emulator is used to execute the rom so it is required: <entry key="system">N64</entry>
    Below are the system codes to use with the xml entry on the left
    NES = Nintendo Entertainment System
    SNES = Super Nintendo
    N64 = Nintendo 64
    GENESIS = Sega Genesis
    GG = Sega Gamegear
    MASTERSYSTEM = Sega Master System
    32X = Sega 32X
    SEGACD = Sega CD
    GAMEBOY = Gameboy
    GBC = Gameboy Color
    GBA = Gameboy Advance
    NDS = Nintendo DS
    PLAYSTATION = Playstation
    PSP = Playstation Portable
    DREAMCAST = Dreamcast
    2600 = Atari 2600
    LYNX = Atari Lynx
    C64 = Commodore 64
    TG16 = TurboGrafx 16
    COLECO = ColecoVision
    NEOGEO = Neo•Geo
    NGP = Neo•Geo Pocket
    NGPC = Neo•Geo Pocket Color
    VB = Virtual Boy
    WONDERSWAN = WonderSwan
    WONDERSWAN_COLOR = WonderSwan Color

    • The rating field can be left blank but a ? will show so I suggest filling it in: <entry key="game_esrb_rating">teen</entry>
    early childhood
    everyone 10+
    adults only

    • These fields are required and must be either true or false. I recommend false so it can be set in the app
    <entry key="isPlayed">true</entry>
    <entry key="isFavorite">true</entry>
    <entry key="isCompleted">false</entry>

    • The summary field can be left blank but it is one of the more interesting fields and I recommend filling it in where possible
    Unless your file editor wraps, this should appear as one line with \n where you want line breaks to appear
    <entry key="game_summary">Blah Blah Blah. Dont put line breaks in here. Use \n where you want to see a line break</entry>

    • The title field is absolutely required and must not be blank
    <entry key="game_title">The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time</entry>

    • The rom file field is critical and must be filled in correctly with the full path to the rom
    <entry key="rom_file">/mnt/usbdrive/ROM/N64 ROMS/Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time (USA) (Rev A).n64</entry>

    • Based on the rom in this example, the final files should appear as below when you are done creating your metadata:
    /mnt/usbdrive/ROM/N64 ROMS/Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time (USA) (Rev A).info
    /mnt/usbdrive/ROM/N64 ROMS/Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time (USA) (Rev A).jpg
    /mnt/usbdrive/ROM/N64 ROMS/Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time (USA) (Rev A).n64

    • Below you will see an example of a metadata file using these fields based on a fetch and normal usage of the application. Make sure to use xml safe characters where needed like &apos; instead of '

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <!DOCTYPE properties SYSTEM "">
    | Nostalgia Metadata file
    | Modify properties in this file at your
    | own risk. Unexpected values can affect
    | Nostalgia&apos;s abilty to parse the data
    <entry key="game_publisher">Nintendo of America Inc.</entry>
    <entry key="game_developer">Nintendo EAD</entry>
    <entry key="system">N64</entry>
    <entry key="timePlayed">0</entry>
    <entry key="game_release_date">Nov 23, 1998</entry>
    <entry key="rom_file">/mnt/usbdrive/ROM/N64 ROMS/Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time (USA) (Rev A).n64</entry>
    <entry key="isPlayed">true</entry>
    <entry key="game_title">The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time</entry>
    <entry key="isFavorite">true</entry>
    <entry key="game_esrb_rating">teen</entry>
    <entry key="game_summary">A young boy named Link was raised in the village of the elf-like Kokiri people. One day a fairy named Navi introduces him to the village&apos;s guardian, the Great Deku Tree. It appears that a mysterious man has cursed the tree, and Link is sent to the Hyrule Castle to find out more. Princess Zelda tells Link that Ganondorf, the leader of the Gerudo tribe, seeks to obtain the Triforce, a holy relic that grants immense power to the one who possesses it. Link must do everything in his power to obtain the Triforce before Ganondorf does, and save Hyrule. Ocarina of Time is the first 3D installment of the Legend of Zelda series. Like most of its predecessors, it is an action game with puzzle-solving and light role-playing elements. Basic gameplay system is similar to the previous games, allowing Link to explore the world and complete dungeons to obtain key items and advance the plot. Sword combat as well as many familiar items such as boomerang, bombs, the series&apos; currency (rupees) of various values, heart containers and their collectible fragments permanently increasing Link&apos;s health, etc. , return in this installment. Link can now lock on enemies for melee and ranged combat, actively use a shield to deflect projectiles, as well as use various magic items. Dungeon exploration is somewhat more puzzle-oriented than in earlier games. Link can climb certain surfaces, dive underwater, as well as automatically jump. The game begins with the player controlling the child Link, but later on an adult Link becomes a playable character as well. Each of them has certain unique abilities: for example, only adult Link can use bow and arrows, but only the child Link can crawl through narrow spaces. During the course of the game the player obtains the Ocarina of Time. Learning and playing melodies on that ocarina is needed to advance the plot, complete certain side quests, or travel in time, switching between the two versions of Link. It is also possible to befriend and ride a horse named Epona to facilitate travel between areas. </entry>
    <entry key="isCompleted">false</entry>
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    I know this has been touched on above, but I wanted to point it out for anyone coming here to get help

    When you use the fetch data, it pulls the metadata (titles, images, and descriptions) from an external source that dra6onfire has ABSOLUTELY NO control over. This means that if their website is down, it may not work right. There is a secondary databases in place, but it doesn't provide cover art at this point. So you will still be able to fetch the data and play your games without showing the cover art. To get the cover art, you have to run it again at the "very slow" pace. While this can be annoying and tedious, it's not the fault of the app or dev.

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    Definitely love this app. 'twas an easy choice to purchase.
    Regarding the folder problem, that's something I'd like to voice a request for.
    Maybe a simpler/more flexible option than changing discovery paths is to keep with one path, but allow for users to add labels and sorting to game metadata (like what PS3 allows for)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stello View Post
    Definitely love this app. 'twas an easy choice to purchase.
    Regarding the folder problem, that's something I'd like to voice a request for.
    Maybe a simpler/more flexible option than changing discovery paths is to keep with one path, but allow for users to add labels and sorting to game metadata (like what PS3 allows for)?
    I'm not sure I understand you correctly, do you mean all ROM's will be in the same folder, regardless of console?

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    do roms need to have a specific naming convention to be found properly when fetching metadata? or will it be able to find my roms with all the (U), (E), (PRG0), (PRG1), (KC), (PC10), (A), [o1], [o2], [o3], [o4], [o5], [p1], [p2], [!],

    etc they have in the names along with the title.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rayuki View Post
    do roms need to have a specific naming convention to be found properly when fetching metadata? or will it be able to find my roms with all the (U), (E), (PRG0), (PRG1), (KC), (PC10), (A), [o1], [o2], [o3], [o4], [o5], [p1], [p2], [!],

    etc they have in the names along with the title.
    Yeah you can have all of those on your roms, I'm not sure about if they are on the front, but you can still fetch metadata if those are on the backend of the file name. And you'll be able to see the original file name when you highlight the game underneath the summary
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    I tried the app. Thought it would be great. If mame4droid isn't gonna make it then meh. Fpse also launches with the lowest settings to.

    Edit; sorry I mistook this for the other post.
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    anything that is contained in brackets or parenthesis is filtered before searching to allow for all the extra stuff attached by rom renamers so none of that should pose any issue to you

    I appreciate your candidness and if mame4droid is all you are after then this app may not be for you. That is the only dev that has rejected the idea of supporting this apps functionality.

    I appreciate the input but if you have questions or comments not specifically about how to use this app, please don't put them in this thread. Email me or add them to the Nostalgia thread in the current ouya games section. Thanks

    Im with Jeremy here. I dont understand your proposal. Please either email me or expand on your suggestion in the Nostalgia thread in the current apps section. Thanks.

    I merged all 3 of your posts. Use the edit button next time. It makes things cleaner. Thank you.

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    I just bought your app and the idea behind it is awesome keep up the good work.

    I have a couple of questions. I don't know it the question has been answered yet if so excuse me.

    - I have my GB and GBC roms in one place and the gbc section shows gb roms with no cover instead of hiding them.

    - I have my save files etc. in the same folder as the roms and that way the app shows them as roms. Are you planing on hiding the files with several extensions.?
    Archives are another problem but for now only show .gb or .gbc etc. for the sections.

    Maybe there's even a way to include dos batches for Dosbox turbo for example that would be mega awesome.
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    Bought it today too, great app though can't wait for more emu support as those oid emus are too blurry on the Ouya.

    Here's my suggestions that may have been voiced before but here's another vote for them!

    * Search for roms within multiple folders in a folder.
    * Show the console name on the top of the screen on the rom selection menus (makes it easier to see what format your on when scrolling through formats)
    * have option to turn off app menu on start screen (boot straight to separate emu menu or first emu format in list)


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