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    Is the Razor Forge even root-able?

    Also, Frank. Stay classy. /)

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    Quote Originally Posted by FirestormDDash View Post
    Is the Razor Forge even root-able?
    Also, Frank. Stay classy. /)
    Hi FirestormDDash,

    (haha not difficult to guess your favorite pony Rainbow Dash)

    I do not have a 'Razor Forge' device, so I googled it xD
    The Razor Forge device seems to run AndroidTV OS, which is not the same as the OS that runs on an OUYA.
    The BAXY Launcher was made for OUYA, and is never tested on a Razer Forge.
    It may work, it may not work, I have no idea.

    I do have a Nexus Player device, this also runs AndroidTV OS, so I could check if the BAXY Launcher works on the Nexus Player.
    (I should do that some time, not now though)
    I know for a fact that the Nexus Player is root-able, that's because all 'Nexus' devices are root-able by definition.
    (You are able to unlock the bootloader, using fastboot oem-unlock, etc.)

    (\ Stay classy FirestormDDash
    We might meet at a convention some day.
    I'll attend HWcon (The Netherlands), BABscon (California, USA) and Galacon (Germany)
    And of course, I'll be making the official HWcon android app this year as well, should be in the Google Play Store soon.

    Have a nice day,

    OUYA username: FrankkieNL
    My OUYA Apps: (Controller tester)
    My Android Apps:

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