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    The Anti OUYA people make me sick

    Does it make you sick that there are so many people almost hoping for OUYA to fail. I read through twitter, and the media and it seems as though there are so many people almost expecting the OUYA to not only fail, but never even materialize. There are people that believe that the company is going to run off with the kickstarter funds that they raised. The pessimists make it sound as though an Android console is not even possible.

    That's so far form reality. An Android console is probably one of the most simple things to make, as far as console gaming goes. The OS is already there. It's just a matter of making the hardware. It's not only possible but if OUYA hadn't come around it was inevitable.

    OUYA certainly isn't running off with our money. They just appointed a new person from IGN to the board, and the CEO Julie Uhrman is rather well known.

    I just wish people would stop hating the OUYA.

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    Welcome to the internet, especially welcome to any attempt at a new console/platform.

    Sad, but true

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    can you say...
    "haters gonna hate"?

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    Yeah, it is not that surprising to find the negative criticism. Ouya is not a guaranteed success though. It will get in our hands, but whether it takes off or not, we will have to wait and see. I for one, am hoping it does.

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    Yeah, it disappoints me that even in the most mature gaming forums, if you are positive at all about the Ouya, it is automatically assumed that you Kickstartered a huge amount towards it and quit your job to develop for it and will defend anything related to the Ouya.

    ...especially when the first two of those points are true

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    I understand cynicism regarding the project, but it is disheartening when people either bash it, or show a lack of understanding as to what this means for the industry. People always talk about wanting something different, then they get it and bitch. Though, the older I get, the more I realize that people don't want different. They want to be told that it's different, but the end product is just a recycle; like the majority of games on the market now.
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    It's sad how many people love to hate. It's easy to nitpick, to belittle or doom-monger. It's the life blood of the press.

    I looked at the people involved in the Ouya and considered it had a very good chance. The sheer number of people willing to back it supports that. Hopefully we will get a great little console and people will see it shipped in good time, THEN it can hit retail and that will be the start of something big.
    Sony and MS are no where near next gen consoles, the Wii-U is a bit of a joke if you ask me, this is the fresh new blood that could save the industry, the developers want it and so do the consumers.

    Only people with vested interest in the existing oligopoly are against the Ouya.

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    In a world of $60 controllers, it's hard to believe that a whole console is shooting for ~$100. It's not hard to see why there will be naysayers--I even think that I might even qualify one.

    I backed because I am reasonably confident that I will get a pretty nifty and well priced android box at the end of the day. Beyond delivery, who knows? IMO, it doesn't look great for the platform (understatement), but I'm in it to the end, and I'd like to be happily surprised.

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    I bet a lot of the people who are bad mouthing the OUYA are the same people that bad mouthed Microsoft when they said they were making the Xbox. Look what happened there...
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    In a world of $60 controllers its not hard to see why certain people want the ouya to fail. They are the ones profiting from $60 controllers.
    If you can import a whole damn tablet computer running android with LCD all the way from china for <$100 why is one without an LCD so hard to believe?

    The likes of Sony, MS and Nintendo want to keep you locked into the existing oligopoly for obvious reasons. This is WHY they ouya has to succeed.

    until it does, the consumer is hostage to the likes of Sony who love to screw their own customers, remove features, sell poorly built shoddy products, change TOS to remove functionality etc.

    I backed Ouya on the basis that I want to stick it to the existing ***hats that have been ****ing me over for years.
    No, I will not be buying any other console in the future from the likes of the "big 3".


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