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    Cool What song are you currently listening to?

    Like the title states, what song are you currently listening to?

    Rise Against - Survivor Guilt
    "Keep Calm and Forge On"

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    XV- Hi, Life, awesome, all for me, and foreign exchange student

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    MoShang Live Online, session #135

    Perfect to code to :-)

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    Radiohead - Anyone Can Play Guitar

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    Grits - Oooh Ahh
    Hilltop Hoods - Nose Bleed Section
    Fort Minor - Dedicated

    Not really a hip hop fan, but every once in a while I like some decent old school sounds. Been cycling these songs the past few days.
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    Block After Block, by Matt and Kim
    Step, by KARA
    Believe, by Ai
    Novi God, by Steklovata
    Pop Star, by Ken Hirai
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    It's been 4 months, but hey, why not..

    Been listening to Kendrick Lamar's album Good Kidd, m.A.A.d. city lately, as well as Dre's Chronic 2001.

    Also a few Deadmau5, DJ Chuckie and DJ Blend tracks

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    Since you asked, In Search of Sunrise 6 (Chase my Rabbit) - DJ Tiesto
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    Currently Mega Ran (aka Random) - Splash Woman (listening to the Mega Ran 9 album)

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