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    Unhappy FPse for ouya questions?

    So i downloaded FPse fpr puya and side loaded marvel vs capcom when i extracted it two showed up in the emulator. When i open either one of them the game starts but my controller wont work ( i am using the ouya controller) plus it says Bios not found ( i dont know what that is or where to get one sorry if that sounds dumb to some people) then it says buy full version for 2.99 so is it asking me to buy the full version of the game or the emulator if its for the full version of the game does that mean i have to pay 2.99 per game i sideload ( i mean thats not that bad of a deal but it kind of blows).

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    Hi jdiegel,
    I was fooling around with FPse as well today, and hopefully my experience can help you. I found that to use FPse, we need to download and make available a copy of the PSX BIOS file, "scph1001.bin". Then use the FPse UI to "Load BIOS". I experienced the same thing with having a file show up as two names, and have had better success with using the ".cue" file. Apologies if this is not one of the ones you see. Also, as far as I can tell, once you pay the $2.99, that is for unlocking the emulator itself and a one-time charge. Unless I am misunderstanding something, you shouldn't need to do much side loading, you should be able to run the emulator natively through the Play menu.

    Best Regards,

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    Thank you i will try your that now if i could only figure out how to map the buttons for this Emu it seems everytime i do it just forgets them all when i exit the menu.

    OH yeah Hey edison where can i download that from? Also did you buy the full version for 2.99 if so is it alot better?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdiegel View Post
    OH yeah Hey edison where can i download that from?
    It's illegal and against our forum rules to tell such information. Use Google.

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    It's worth the $3 upgrade, if you can manage to get it to work. Currently, I have the right bios, and a game on my USB drive, but when I try to load the bios file (scph1001.bin), it gives me an error and says "retry using bios file". Am I to rename the bios file as "bios.bin"? Any help would be appreciated, since it seems each update brings new issues to work around.

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    Well, I bought the emulator and I am pleased with it! Yes, you have to you a file called "scph1001.bin" (it's 512 kb) for the BIOS.

    "Tip" The psx start button is mapped to: tap the middle of the controller to bring up the arrow then press the right bumper..

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    All right, I think there was an error copying the bios. It loads just fine now, but no games will load. I'm just using Intelligent Cube, which I converted from .img to .iso using PowerISO, and when I try to load the game, it just takes me to the CD player...

    Offhand, does anyone else have an occasional problem with the OUYA not playing sound? It seems to happen about a third of the time for me, and I'm using the included HDMI cord. Maybe my TV's port is buggy...?

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    There's at least one thread in the general troubleshooting forum about the Ouya "losing" soundoutput.
    Seems like its become more prevalant since the most recent update was released but I could be wrong. So far people have stated that they have been able to fix the issue by power cycling one or both components (the Ouya and the thing you're plugging into) and / or by re-seating the HDMI cable at either end with both devices powered up (which forces a new HDMI handhshake). Are you connecting your Ouya directly to a TV, or to an AV receiver?

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    I'm just connecting it to a TV. I'm probably going to get a HDMI to component video/audio pretty soon so I can record it. At that point, it'll be hooked up to my AVerMedia Game Capture HD C281.

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    Guys, please help. This is the only emu that I cannot make it work. I have the Bios File, but all the isos come like everything else, in .zip. Therefore, i do not have any .bin or .cue files to run the games. Can I get the games and have them work without using a PC, like I am doing with all the other emulators? Any help is appreciated,


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