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    ePSXe Game Compatibility and Settings

    Ok, I have sideloaded ePSXe 1.9.4 on my Ouya, and after a lot of messing around, I have all games working, with controls. There is an issue.

    If you load a game, and find that the controls aren't working, it is cause you are in the wrong mode (analog, or digital). You will need to have a mode select button. You can do this by binding one of the buttons on your Ouya controller to the Mode button.

    Or, you can do what I did. Since the Ouya is missing 3 buttons necessary to complete a full PSX controller (start/select/mode), I bound Start to R3, Select to L3, and then I use the Onscreen Virtual Control Overlay. I hid all the buttons except the Mode button. If you want to go this route, do the following:

    1.) Go to TouchScreen Gamepad
    2.) Pad Skin = Custom
    3.) Go to Pad1 Format Editor
    4.) Click each control except the mode (the rectable at the bottom that is completely grey), and click Hide at the top. You might also want to move the Mode button to one side, so it isn't covering up the gaming area.
    5.) Once you have hidden everything, click Swap. It will prompt you to save. Do so, and it will load the Analog virtual controls. Do the same as step 4, hiding all cept the Mode button.
    6.) Save and exit

    Now, when you load up a game, the only virtual button you will see is the mode button. If you find you are in a game where the controls dont seem to be working, use the Ouya controllers touchpad to click the Mode button.

    Here are my ePSXe control settings:

    Using ePSXe Version: 1.9.4
    Using BIOS File: SCPH1001.BIN

    Player 1 - Ouya Game Controller
    Pad Type PSX: Dualshock
    Gamepad Profile - None
    Gamepad ID - Select your Ouya controller, will be a long string of random characters

    Player 1 Map Buttons
    Up - DPAD UP
    Right - DPAD RIGHT
    Down - DPAD DOWN
    Left - DPAD LEFT
    Select - BUTTON THUMBL (L3, since L3 is rarely used in games)
    Start - BUTTON THUMBR (R3, since R3 is rarely used in games)
    Triangle - BUTTON Y (Ouya Y)
    Circle - BUTTON B (Ouya A)
    X - BUTTON A (Ouya O)
    Square - BUTTON X (Ouya U)
    L1 - BUTTON L1
    L2 - BUTTON L2
    R1 - BUTTON R1
    R2 - BUTTON R2
    DIAGONALS, L3, R3, MODE all Unmapped

    Controller 1 Map Axis
    Analog Range - Square
    Left Stick X - AXIS_X
    Left Stick Y - AXIS_Y
    Right Stick X - AXIS_RX
    Right Stick Y - AXIS_RY

    Here is a list of games I have tested

    Controls Work
    - Brave Fencer Musashi (SLUS_007.26)
    - Breath of Fire 4 (SLUS_013.24)
    - Chrono Cross (SLUS_010.41) (NTSC-U)
    - Dragon Quest VII (SLUSP012.06) (NTSC-U) (Is this supposed to be SLUS_ and ePSXe is displaying it wrong?)
    - Final Fantasy IX (SLUS_012.51) (NTSC-U)
    - Final Fantasy VIII (SLUS_008.92) (NTSC-U)
    - Grandia (SCUS_944.57) (NTSC-U)
    - Legend of Dragoon (SCUS_944.91) (NTSC-U)
    - Legend of Legaia (SCUS_942.54) (NTSC-U)
    - Legend of Mana (SLUS_010.13) (NTSC-U)
    - Lunar 2 Eternal Blue (SLUS_010.71) (NTSC-U)
    - Parasite Eve (SLUS_006.62) (NTSC-U)
    - Star Ocean (SCUS_944.21) (NTSC-U)
    - Tales of Destiny (SLUS_006.26) (NTSC-U)
    - Tales of Destiny 2 (SLUS_013.55) (NTSC-U)
    - Threads of Fate (SLUS_010.19) (NTSC-U)
    - Vagrant Story (SLUS_010.40) (NTSC-U)
    - Valkyrie Profile (SLUS_011.56) (NTSC-U)
    - Xenogears (SLUS_006.64) (NTSC-U)

    Requires a Mode Button
    - Alundra (SLUS_005.53) (NTSC-U)
    - Breath of Fire 3 (SLUS_004.22) (NTSC-U)
    - Final Fantasy Anthology (Final Fantasy V CD) (SLUS_008.79) (NTSC-U)
    - Final Fantasy Anthology (Final Fantasy VI CD) (SLUS_009.00) (NTSC-U)
    - Final Fantasy Chronicles (Final Fantasy IV CD) (SLUS_013.60) (NTSC-U)
    - Final Fantasy Origins (SLUS_015.41) (NTSC-U)
    - Final Fantasy Tactics (SCUS_942.21) (NTSC-U)
    - Final Fantasy VII (SCUS_941.63) (NTSC-U)
    - Suikoden (SLUS_002.92) (NTSC-U)
    - Suikoden 2 (SLUS_009.58) (NTSC-U)
    - Tales of Phantasia (Translated) (SLPS_017.70) (NTSC-J)
    - Wild Arms (SCUS_946.08) (NTSC-U)
    - Wild Arms 2 (SCUS_944.84) (NTSC-U)
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    Which Version are you using? Alundra, Breath of Fire 3, Suikoden, Wild Arms working fine for me.

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    Uhmmm latest version from Google Play store.

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    Hm okay. Im using the Pal versions (except Suikoden).

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    That is prolly why then. I am using all NTSC versions.

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    Which BIOS are u using? 1001?

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    Hm okay. Strange. But im using Version 1.9.2 but there hasnt been done any changes to the emulation core.

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    I am gonna add some more results here in a few. I will mention the bios file, and I will add the Game IDs (IE My Breath of Fire is SLUS_004.22)

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    Actually, I just looked, and I think I was actually running 1.8.4. I just updated ePSXe on my tablet (to 1.9.4), and I will be copying the apk and installing the latest build. I will retest all the games after that.


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